Cutler Hammer VFD Repair

Cutler Hammer VFD repair should be taken with extreme caution and only be performed by trained technicians. Only experts in the electrical field should repair or troubleshoot industrial electrical equipment. Most drive controllers have an internal DC bus that retains a charge after power has been cut to the drive, and as a result, the power being cut doesn’t mean that the drive is safe to work with. Technicians working with variable frequency drives and other electrical equipment must always take extra precautions to ensure proper safety measures are taken to prevent injury or death.

Variable frequency drives have become a cost efficient way to reduce power costs and increase system efficiency over the past decade. Manufacturers within a wide range of industries are finding more ways to apply Cutler Hammer VFDs to their rotating equipment for improvements in: production, quality control, safety measures, environmental concerns, energy efficiency, and much more. Cutler Hammer VFDs below 10 horsepower typically fail in eight years from initial installation date, and, are more often replaced than repaired. Product replacement is necessary when product repair is cost-prohibited to the customer. Cutler Hammer VFDs above 10 horsepower outlast smaller VFDs by virtue of quality routine repairs. Routine VFD repairs often require consistent replacement of circuit boards and other electrical components.

Cutler Hammer VFD repair is preferred by end users and VFD maintenance departments because Cutler Hammer replacement is more expensive than repair. Most companies who offer Cutler Hammer VFD repair outsource the VFD to third party repair centers, or they send it to Cutler Hammer. Cutler Hammer usually holds onto VFD repair jobs for several weeks before responding to customers. Most of the time Cutler Hammer will tell customers that their VFD is “not worth repair” and they will recommend replacing the VFD with a newer Cutler Hammer product.

Precision Electric offers Cutler Hammer VFD repair and all Cutler Hammer repair jobs are performed in house at Precision Electric. Precision Electric is the “third party” repair center that most companies offering Cutler Hammer VFD repair, send the job to. It is not uncommon for Precision Electric to restore a Cutler Hammer VFD back to its original or better than original condition after Cutler Hammer says the VFD “can’t be repaired / isn’t worth repair”

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