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VFD Overvoltage Fault – troubleshooting variable frequency drives

A VFD overvoltage fault is fairly common with VFD regular usage. This fault may arise at different places and times for several reasons. The first step in resolving the problem is identifying when and where the fault occurs. A VFD overvoltage fault can occur on power up, during deceleration, acceleration, during normal run, or while […]

Hurricane Harvey Impacts American Oil Refineries

Hurricane Harvey hit the heart of American Oil Refineries last week. So far (as of 8-31), Harvey has shut down 11.2 percent of American Oil Refineries capacity (about one-third of all American Oil Refineries capacity is in Texas Gulf Coast) and roughly 25 percent of American Oil Refineries’ production from the Gulf of Mexico (accounting […]

Differences Between ABB ACS550 and ACH550 VFD

The are many differences between ABB ACS550 and ACH550 VFD products. If an exact replacement is unavailable, it’s important to know the differences between the ABB ACS550 and ACH550 VFD before deciding on which product to order.An ABB ACH550 can only be replaced with an ABB ACS550(or vice versa) in unique circumstances. The goal of […]

ACS380 ABB VFD: ABB announces their Newest Machinery Drive

The ACS380 ABB VFD was recently released and is available in most power ratings through 10 hp. Exact ratings that are now available and future release dates of the ACS380 are listed at the bottom of this page. The ACS380 ABB VFD is a machinery drive and is the newest product addition to the machinery […]

Allen Bradley Servo Motor Repair: an Asset for Manufacturers

Allen Bradley servo motor repair is less expensive than Allen Bradley servo motor replacement. Only Trained technicians should perform Allen Bradley servo motor repair. Technicians undergo unique testing procedures on Allen Bradley servo motors that are dependent upon their model, features, operations, software, and prints. Allen Bradley servo motor repair should initially be inspected for […]

Cutler Hammer VFD Fault Codes: Current and Overcurrent Protection

Cutler Hammer VFD Fault Codes, current control and overcurrent protection on the 9000X drive is based on motor current measurement in all three phases. In the FR9/CH61 and above drives, the current sensors are built into the IGBT SKIP modules, and the current signals are combined and fed into a 14-bit A/D converter on the […]

Eaton Industrial Controls 2017 Nationwide Roadshow Tour

Eaton industrial controls kicked off their 2017 Nationwide Roadshow Tour. The hands-on, 40-foot, interactive showroom will travel to nearly 20 U.S. cities and educate original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), facilities managers, commercial customers, end users, contractors and others about Eatons newest energy efficient innovations for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC/R), pumping, process industry and […]

Yaskawa Servo Motor Repair

Yaskawaservo motor repair is less expensive than Yaskawa servo motor replacement. Only trained technicians should perform Yaskawa servo motor repair. Trained technicians undergo unique testing procedures on Yaskawa servo motors that are dependent to eachservo motors’ model, features, operations, and prints. Trained technicians will have the ability to perform these procedures successfully and safely. The […]

Robotic Automation: ABB Robots For The Packaging Industry

ABB robotic automation ensures shorter product life cycles, new packaging designs, product variants and batch manufacturing. Compared to dedicated hard automation, robot lines are shorter and allow far better utilization of floor space. In addition to increased up-time and total throughput of production, fewer accidents and increasingly demanding workplace laws are compelling reasons to make […]