HVAC VFD (variable frequency drive)productscan decrease energy consumption by reducing the speed of an electric motor. This is possible because most machines do not require the maximum speed of an electric motor in order to meet its load requirements. Reducing the electric motor speed can also extend the lifetime of an electric motor by decreasing wear and tear on its motor parts.

AC Tech MCH Series is designed for HVAC VFD applications. The MCH Series can be used on integrated air, fluid, transfer systems, factory built penthouses with mechanical/electrical systems; complete heat transfer packages, refrigeration systems, and many other related HVAC VFD applications.The packaged MCH Series mechanical systems concept allows for users to decrease the total cost and meet production demands by regulating pumps, chillers and air handlers.The MCH Series is a good solution to increase performance while decreasing power consumption for HVAC VFD applications.

The MCH has automatic-transfer-to-bypass option and a disconnect option. The automatic-transfer-to-bypass option allows the motor to transfer from drive operation, and continueacross the line in bypass mode. This keeps machinery operating even when there’s an issue with the HVAC VFD.The MCH drive can be configured to attempt several restarts, but if the condition will not clear, the automatic-transfer-to-bypass function will transfer from drive operation toline power, without human intervention. The MCH allows for uninterrupted service under demanding circumstances.

MCH Series HVAC VFD Overview

The MCH Series drives were designed for the HVAC market and the specific requirements of industrial and commercial installations. Precision Electric can provide the stand-alone drive or packaged with an input disconnect, VFD fusing and line reactor or a full 3-contactor bypass configuration that also includes motor fusing, auto/manual bypass and 24VDC power supply.

Benefits of MCH

Automatic Transfer to Bypass Option
Automatic Disconnect Option
Keypad Select for HOA (Hands Off/Auto)
PID Setpoint Control
Variable Torque Drive
NEMA 12 Enclosure Available
RS-485 MODBUS Communication
Proven Performance & Reliability

MCH Seriesfan and pumping features:

  • PID set-point control
  • Variable Torque
  • 1 through 250HP (0.18 185kW)
  • Input voltages of 208V, 240V, 400V, 480V and 600V
  • NEMA Type 1, 12, and 4 Enclosures

To learn more about the AC Tech MCH SeriesHVAC VFD, visit the AC Tech Website. For AC Tech MCH Series VFD repair and replacement quotes, contact Precision Electric.