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Over the years Precision Electric has worked closely withFanuc Corporation with regard to industrial servo motors and other related equipment.Precision Electric has been repairing and selling Fanuc products for about 15 years.

Many times we get inquiries for Fanuc servo motor repairs and/or replacements. Over the years customers of ours have told us that certain Fanuc products cannot be replaced or repaired. More often than not we have found this to be untrue.

When customers are in demand of a repair or replacement, be it a Fanuc product or other related product, we have come up with solutions for our customers. Our highly trained service technicians have repaired hundreds ofFanuc servo motors that have been claimed to be ‘unrepairable’ by other facilities around the United States.

Fanuc servo drives and Fanuc servo motorsare in high demand for industrial manufacturing facilities around the world. When replacement cost seems cost-prohibited, or, if lead time for Fanuc products is extreme,we recommendseeking repair alternatives to our customers.

We suggest that if you run into a situation where you need a repair or replacement on any Fanuc product, that you contact Precision Electric with your equipment.

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We’ve Been Servicing the Industrial World Since 1983.
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Sample Servo Motors and Drives

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Precision Electric often expands it’s services when customers demand it. With the wide array of Servo Motors and Drives in the market – a substantial need for the repair of these devices has been generated. There have always been three primary issues with Servo Motors and Drives:

  1. Servo Motors and Drive Combinations are Often Proprietary and Difficult to Replace.
  2. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) Retire Older Series Drives and Motors with Newer.
  3. The Cost of Replacement Servo Motor and Drive Combinations can be Extremely High.

We have worked extensively with a wide array of Servo Motors and Drives, and we are proud to say we can repair from most of, if not all of, the major manufacturers in the industrial market today. Using our proprietary software, we can re-align the servo as necessary to ensure the rewinding of the motor retains it’s full accuracy. Our electronics department has over 15 years in Drive repair, and can find components and parts for the toughest to repair of drives – and we can do it all at only a fraction of the cost of buying a new one.

One more thing that is important to note – the components built into servo motor and drive combinations often are cheaply made – so parts that are put back into the motors and drives during our repairs often exceed the quality control of the Original Manufacturer. What does this mean? It means that the product you receive back from us is likely better in quality than the original equipment itself.

These services are available to our customers nationwide. All that is necessary is arranging for direct shipment to our 31,000 square foot facility. If desired, the urgency can be labeled as rush, where we will work on it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until completed to standard repair, where we turn over your product in a reasonable time to save you money.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding this service. You may also request a free repair quotation for your equipment.

 Our Servo Motor and Drive Repair Brochure

Our Servo Motor and Drive Repair Brochure

Limited Warranty

Precision Electric, Inc., 1508 West Sixth Street, Mishawaka, IN 46544 will, for a period of
one year from the first day into service or 12months from the date of delivery,
whichever is less, guarantee rebuilt equipment from any material and/or workmanship
defect caused as a result of damage incurred during the rebuild process.

Precision Electric, Inc. will upon receipt of a warranty evaluation complaint from the
customer, pick up the unit at the customers plant, or pay for freight to have the unit
shipped to Precision Electric, Inc., disassemble the unit, perform a cause of failure
analysis, and report to the customer at no charge.

If cause of failure is determined by Precision Electric, Inc. personnel to be a material
and/or workmanship defect, the unit will be restored to original rebuilt condition and
delivered to the customers destination. This work will be completed at no charge.
Work performed under the provisions of this warranty will be limited to only procedures
necessary under the description of work performed on the original customer invoice
copy. Any work that is required that was not performed during the original rebuild and
listed on the original invoice will be at the customers expense.

Precision Electric, Inc. will not be liable for events or failures that occur beyond their
care, custody, and control. The customer will be liable for any cost as a result of a
warranty evaluation complaint that was a result of an event not related to material and/or
workmanship defect. Work to the unit will not be performed without prior customer
approval should the failure be determined to be a Non-Warranty repair.

To enforce the Warranty agreement, Precision Electric, Inc. should be notified verbally
via telephone or in writing via mail, fax, or email within five days of the first day into
service date. The one year warranty will begin on the first day into service. If Precision
Electric is not notified by any of these methods, then the warranty period will begin from
the day that the rebuilt unit was delivered to the customer as show on the packing list.