ABB ACS250 VFD Now Replaced With ABB ACS255 Series

The ABB ACS250 VFD has reached the end of its life cycle. The new ABB ACS255 VFD will now supersede the ABB ACS250 VFD. ABB will no longer build the ACS250, so once ACS250 stock runs out, ABB will fill all ACS250 orders with the ACS255. These changes were announced in January but ABB ACS250 VFD stock is now diminishing. Fortunately, there is solid availability of the new ABB ACS255 VFD.

The ACS255 VFD has the same price, footprint and dimensions as theABB ACS250 VFD. The only differences are a few internal upgrades to make the product more competitive with similar drives offered by ABB competitors. ACS255 Changes for 120V thru 480V control board:

  • The Advanced parameter menu was added to include:
    • Sensorless vector control of AC induction and permanent magnet synchronous motors
    • BLDC open loop speed control as hidden option (requires factory approval and support)
    • Motor parameter auto-tune
    • Operating mode selection: general, pump, or fan
    • Speed and current parameters for DC injection braking

The ACS255 also features enhanced ground fault detection for full protection against phase to earth faults at start-up (as well as phase to earth and phase to phase faults at enable and on running).An added temperature sensor on the control board gives O-hEAt error message indicating:

  • Ambient is too high in upper section of drive
  • Switching frequency is too high without applying a de-rating factor
  • Drive is not mounted vertically
  • Upgraded control board with higher capacity processor
  • New type codes and MRP numbers

The new part numbers for the ACS255 drives is a very simple change: the 0 in ACS250 changes to a 5. For example: ACS250-01U-04A3-1 is now ACS255-01U-04A3-1…that’s it!

All of the ACS255 changes are internal to the drive or on the nameplate. In fact, unless you go looking for the Advanced parameter menu, the only difference you will notice is the new part number. Most of the accessories will work with both the ABB ACS250 VFD and the ABB ACS255 VFD. The only accessory that wont work on the new ACS255 is the remote control panel (RCRP). ABB has a new remote control panel (RCRP-02) for the ACS255. Please note: the old remote control panel is not compatible with the new drive and the new remote control panel is not compatible with the old drive.

For additional product information, please visit the ABB Website. For ABB VFD replacement or repair, contact Precision Electric.