DC Motor Rebuild, Rewind, & Repair


Most production facilities rely on an operational conveyor system to ensure orders are met within the specified schedule. Powered by DC motor, these conveyor belts may occasionally fail, and the culprit could be the motor itself. You may be pressured to get the conveyor belt in order again, but it helps to understand why the DC motor fails.

Why DC Motors Fail

A DC motor works when direct current passes through a coil placed within the field of a permanent magnet. The effect of electromagnetism causes the rotor to turn accordingly. As simple as it is, the DC motor involves moving parts that may eventually fail.

A DC motor that was previously running but broke down may have its brushes worn down is and no longer making contact with the commutator. This causes a lack of current being passed through the coil and as a result, no torque being generated.

If you find your DC motor losing power and theres no overload, chances are the brushes are worn off and not making enough contact with the commutator. Occasionally, defective bearings may prevent your DC motor from accelerating properly.

In some cases, a DC motor can be damaged by improper installation. When the armature is not properly aligned it may brush against the magnets and cause serious damage to the motor itself.

The environment that the DC motor operates in can also cause the motor to fail. Dirt accumulating on the commutator and moisture can cause the DC motor to stop functioning. Thishighlights the importance of regular inspection and preventive maintenance for your DC motor.

DC Motor Rebuild, Rewind, & Repair

We strongly discourage our customers to attempt any repair on their faulty DC motor. The high voltage and moving parts of the DC motor can pose a serious threat to the safety of untrained personnel. Thats why we recommend for the faulty DC motor to be inspected by our professional technicians.

Our repair technicians are trained to abide by strict procedures at all times when troubleshooting and repairing DC motors. We make sure that the power is disconnected from the DC motor before we start our preliminary inspections. A non-powered DC motor can still be dangerous, as the internal capacitors may still hold a charge. Our service technician will ensure the capacitors are safely discharged before any further inspections.

We would then carry visual inspections on the major parts of the DC motors that are most likely to experience degradation. Worn out brushes are a common reason for DC motor failure. Our team would also carefully inspect for other defects that may contribute to the damaged motor.

Once we have made the necessary rebuild, rewind or repair on the DC motor, we will test it to ensure it is functioning optimally to its rated load. Again, this is done in a safe environment as the moving parts of a DC motor may cause injury. The DC motor is only deployed when it passes our test satisfactorily.

Why Precision Electric?

Our reputation in the electric motor industry is built by decades of excellent services. We are more than words when it comes to assuring our customers by providing them with 12 months of warranty after a defective DC motor is repaired and commissioned. Our support team is also ready to take your call 24 hours a day, should you require any further assistance.

Did your DC motor just break down? Contact our support at Precision Electric now for more help.