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Indianas First EASA Accredited Industrial Service Center

EASA Accreditation Program Overview

It has been proven that electric motor efficiency can be maintained during repair and rewind by following defined good practices. EASA has developed an international accreditation program for service centers based on the sources of these good practices, namely ANSI/EASA AR100: Recommended Practice for the Repair of Rotating Electrical Apparatus and the Good Practice Guide of the 2003 study The Effect of Repair/Rewinding on Motor Efficiency, by EASA and the Association of Electrical and Mechanical Trades (AEMT).

The intent of this groundbreaking accreditation program is to evaluate service centers for evidence of compliance to assure that they are using prescribed good practices to maintain motor efficiency and reliability during electrical and mechanical repairs of electric motors. The program accomplishes this by use of independent, third-party auditors.

EASA Accreditation Certificate For Precision Electric Inc Indiana

Assuring the Efficiency and Reliability of Repaired Electric Motors

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The EASA Accreditation Program covers three phase, squirrel-cage induction motors. Its scope includes both mechanical repairs and electrical rewinding.


The EASA Accreditation Program for motor repair:

  • Assures usage of prescribed good practices that help maintain motor efficiency and reliability
  • Covers 23 categories and more than 70 criteria (see the Audit Checklist with Explanations at
  • Requires external audits by EASA-approved independent, third-party auditors
  • Assures continuing compliance with proven good practices through mandatory internal self audits
  • Is open to EASA members and non-members

Benefits Of Using An Accredited Service Center

  • Committed To Excellence

    We are committed to excellence and value our professional reputation.

  • Dedicated To Motor Efficiency And Reliability

    We are dedicated to providing repairs that maintain or improve motor efficiency and reliability

  • Highest Quality Repairs

    We consistently follow proven best practice procedures that result in the highest quality repairs

  • Accurately Calibrated & Maintained Equipment

    We will repair your motors using well maintained equipment and accurately calibrated instruments (see for a list of required equipment and calibration specifications).

  • Evaluated By 3rd Party Audits

    The quality of our work has been validated by independent third-party auditors, as well as by mandatory internal self audits

  • Committed To Energy Efficiency And Reliability

    We continuously demonstrate to industry, energy advocates and regulatory agencies that we are dedicated to providing repairs that maintain efficiency and reliability.

  • Highly Trained & And Experienced Employees

    Our positive image helps us attract and retain experienced, highly trained employees that consistently perform procedures according to industry best practices.

  • Implementing Industry Best Practices

    We follow best practices that enhance our productivity while reducing the possibility of errors and repetitive repairsall of which means better service, improved reliability and less downtime for you.

  • Maintaining The Industrys Highest Standards

    When you see our EASA Accreditation logo on your motor, you know it was repaired to the industrys highest standards to maintain or even improve its efficiency and reliability

EASA Accreditation Press Release Confirmation

EASA Accreditation Press Release For Precision Electric Inc Indiana