DC Drive Rebuild & Repair


Far from being irrelevant, DC motors still play an important role in various industrial applications such as milling machines and conveyors. The DC motors are controlled by DC drives and are typically used in applications that require full torque at minimal speed. Like electric motors, DC drives may break down occasionally and could disrupt your production schedule.

Common Problems of DC Drives

A DC drive is an intelligent electronic device that changes the output voltage based on received signal or from a manual configuration. It has an internal power management circuit that converts the incoming AC voltage to DC voltage. When components of the power circuit break down, the DC drive becomes dysfunctional.

Overloading could also cause a DC drive to fail. When the drive is constantly stressed beyond its output current capacity and operating temperature, it will eventually fail. Sometimes, the cause of a defective DC drive can be from a grounded motor. A motors internal short to ground may cause damage to the DC drive.

In some applications, the DC drive receives commands from a PLC to control the motor. This often involves a cable for the communication. The communication cable may be susceptible to transients from lightning and may damage the internal parts of the DC drive. A fault on the communication port would prevent the DC drive from receiving any commands.

DC Drive Repair & Rebuild

Attempting to diagnose and repair a faulty DC drive on your own can be dangerous as it is powered by high AC voltage. Our repair technicians are well trained to conduct the proper diagnosis in a safe environment. We follow a strict procedure to identify problems on a faulty DC drive. The latest diagnostic tools and software in our lab means a much quicker repair time.

We start by ensuring the power supply circuits of the DC drive is functional, by measuring the values of the converted voltage. The next step is to measure the output voltage on the motor connection terminal to ensure it is at the right value. Further testing involves varying the value of the output voltage with the right commands. This is to identify any potential faults in the communications module.

By now we would be able to identify the problems with the defective DC drive. We would carry out repair on the DC drive where needed or replace the broken parts on the drive. All the repaired DC drives will undergo rigorous testing before they are delivered to our customers. We make sure that they are operating at their full capacity and are safe for deployment.

Choosing Precision Electric?

At Precision Electric, we believe not only in great products, but excellent service as well. Our growth of over 3 decades in the electric motor industry is a great testament to our quality of service. We promise that youll get 24 hours support and a 12 months warranty when you engage us to repair your defective DC drive.

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