AC Servo Drive Rebuild & Repair


You hate excuses, but you know thats what you have to resort to when your CNC machine decides to fail amidst your heavy production schedule. You could press the panic button or call up a reliable supplier for support if you suspect its the AC servo drive thats the culprit.

Common Issues With AC Servo

The AC Servo drive is an important part of the AC motor control system. It receives signals from controllers and generates the current needed to drive the AC motor precisely. Like every electronics part, they are bound to degradation and eventual failure.

A common complaint is that the AC servo drive failed to run the motor. If you have recently inspected your AC motor and the wiring is intact, there is a possibility that the fault lies in the drive output. If the drive output does not produce the required voltage, the motor will not run. An AC servo drive relies on commands from controllers like the PLC to activate and run the motor, although the servo positioning is often controlled by the AC Servo Drive or multi-axis motion controller.

A fault on the AC servo drive communication port will cause it to fail in receiving any commands from the PLC. This could happen when an electrical transient is coupled into the communication wire and damages the associated electronic components.

If your drive is tripping your power breakers consistently, you may need to check if the motor is overloaded. Such a scenario will cause electrical stress to the output of the AC servo drive and will damage the internal parts of the drive.

AC Servo Drive Repair & Rebuild

Repairing and rebuilding an AC servo drive requires great electrical care. We do not suggest you attempt any repair as it may cause more damages to your drive. The drive is powered by AC which could pose a safety risk to an untrained person.

As the AC servo drive contains electronic components, we take great care when handling the internal parts to avoid damage by electrostatic discharges. We also practice caution by ensuring no short circuits in the power components of the drive.

We will then power up the AC servo drive by adhering to strict safety procedure and check that the internal voltage for the electronics is present. Based on the model of the drive, we will activate the output and measure the current to ensure it is according to specifications.

With these steps, we will be able to zoom in on the exact problems of the servo drive and perform the required repair. All repaired AC servo drives will undergo stringent load testing again within our facilities before being returned and installed at our client’s site.

Why Precision Electric?

Our reputation in the industry is built on the trust of our clients in our service. We put our clients mind to ease with a 12 months warranty for the repaired AC servo drives. Youll also get access to our 24/7 hotline in case there are any issues with the drive or its associated components.

Call Precision Electric now and you wont have to make more excuses for your faulty CNC machine.