ABB Solar Power Products

ABB Solar Power Products

ABB solar power products are designed and manufactured by ABB. ABB provides an extensive portfolio of products, systems and solutions along the solar powervalue chain that enable the generation, transmission and distribution of solar power for both on-grid and off-grid applications.

Environment friendly energy is one of the biggest global challenges we face today and major companies are at the heart of this issue. This is because the world expects major companies to come up with new technologies and systems that create energy with reduced pollution and greenhouse gas emissions; which are widely recognized as one of the main causes of global warming.

Renewable energy plays a fundamental role in future energy policies. Renewable energy helps safeguard the environment and the search for more efficient uses of energy resources, with the recognition that traditional fossil fuels will not last forever. The sun is unquestionably an energy source of huge potential, one that can be exploited without harming the environment. At any time, the hemisphere of the earth exposed to the sun receives over 50,000 TW of power, nearly 10,000 times the quantity of energy consumed all over the world.

ABBs portfolio of products, systems and solutions for the solar power industry is extensive. It ranges from turnkey photovoltaic power plants to complete power and automation solutions for CSP plants and for commercial, industrial and residential rooftop PV installations. ABB also supplies robots and robot-based systems for solar panel factories, and electrical, control and instrumentation solutions for silicon processing factories, the material that is used to make solar cells. In smart grids, ABB is at the forefront in developing the technologies and solutions that will make possible the electrical transmission and distribution systems of the future. These systems will integrate traditional types of large-scale, centralized power generation with small scale, localized types of renewable energy like solar and wind, creating a single optimized network with multi-directional power flows and real time grid monitoring able to operate as an efficient energy market.

The ABB solar power products in low voltage range includes circuit breakers, switch and fuse disconnects, fuses, residual current-operated circuit-breakers, grid connection relays, metering devices, surge arresters, voltage & current sensors, remote switching contactors, consumer units and enclosures suitable for outdoor installation, all specially designed for these applications.

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