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Family Owned Since 1983. Since then, we’ve taken pride in offering top of the line industrial repair services, new equipment distribution, system engineering, panel fabrication and equipment integration for our customers. We originally started within a 300 mile radius of our facility but the internet has allowed us tobranch out to nationwide industrial repair services. We are located in Mishawaka, Indiana but service areas reaching to South Bend, Elkhart, Fort Wayne, Chicago, Detroit and much more. We offer a wide array of service oriented products to our customers. We use our combined expertise from over 100+ years of performing motor repair, drive repair, servo repair, system troubleshooting, vibration analysis, infrared thermography, engineering, technical support and integration to our customers.

Internet sales is but a small division of our company that branches between new sales and nationwide repair. You’ll find we specialize in tough to tackle projects that require a distinct amount of creativing that only experts can devise. We are your team whether you have a machine that is outdated and an OEM is giving you no other options or are looking for a team that can help you engineer and build a project from the ground up. Our motor shop, panel fabrication facility, electronics repair facility and engineering team can build solutions to almost any problem you might have.

Many customers seek our council on a daily basis to make decision that will help maximize their productivity while minimizing their downtime. Our motor shop has full capabilities when it comes to bearing repair, bearing replacement, winding, rebuilding, insulating, testing and balancing. Our 10,000 square foot motor facility has everything our customer’s need to perform complete motor servicing. From breakdown on the bench to baking in the oven, motors often come back in better shape than they were originally manufactured.

We’re so confident in our ability to repair your equipment that we are one of the few companies who will actually offer you an “in service” warranty. That’s right, your one year warranty doesn’t actually start until you’ve started to use the equipment we’ve repaired. No more letting your warranty expire simply because you had to keep a spare on the shelf.

Our electronics repair facility has all of the equipment necessary for a complete breakdown of AC, DC and Servo Drives as well as feedback equipment for properly testing and disassembling servo motors. Our bench technicians test each piece of equipment that comes into the facility to determine cause of failure, all the way down to the board level. Our customers regularly rely on us to provide accurate and reliable quotations for repair rather than formula quotes that simply give a percentage of the cost of a new piece of equipment.

Once cause of failure is determined technicians then write up a list of materials necessary to complete the job and the job is quoted to the customer. Customers can then choose whether or not the repair is worth the investment or not. Our quotations are also frequently compared with competitors to determine whether or not we are offering our customers the best possible solution to meet their needs. In some cases customers may prefer a replacement if one can be obtained at a cost effective price. In either case, we leave the final decision to the customer.