AC Electric Motor Stator Winding Repair

Precision Electric has more than 100 years of ACelectricmotor winding experience. We have rewound thousands of ACelectricmotor stators in the 29 years Precision Electric has been serving the industry. Many things go into winding ACelectricmotors. Here is a short example of how Precision Electric winds ACelectricmotors.

Making AC Electric Motor Coil Connections

Once a AC electric motor has entered our repair facility due to a possible failed winding and it has been through the initial testing process, we willdisassemblethe motor and begin the ACelectricmotor stator windinginvestigation. The first sign of a failed motor winding is the veryrecognizableodor from a burned up winding. If the odor doesn’t get our attention a fullanalysisof the motor stator will. The failed area of the AC electric motor stator is then looked at further and a root cause failure report is completed. We will then start taking all nameplate and stator winding information and fill out a EASA Data Card.

The EASA Data Card will give the AC Electric Motor Stator Winding Tech the following information:

  • Nameplate Data
  • Coil and stator coredimensions
  • Connection type
  • Number of circuits used
  • Coil pitch
  • Coil grouping type (salient-pole, consequent-pole)
  • Wire size
  • Number of wires in multiple that make up coils
  • Number of turns of magnet wire in each coil

Once all the required data is recorded, we can begin the actual AC electric motor stator winding process. The proper wire size is pulled from our stock and placed on our winding machine. The coils are then turned and placed on a clean winding rack. In the meantime, the AC electric motor stator is stripped of all the old winding and placed in burn down oven to remove all of the oldinsulation. After going though a full cycle in the burn down oven the stator is thensandblasted and alllaminationand stator teeth are repaired and freed of all sharp edges or areas that could, over time, wear though the insulation and damage the coils causing a premature failure. When the AC electric motor stator is prepped and ready, it goes to our winding department and the new coils are installed according to the EASA winding data card. When all of the coil connections are made and tested, the AC electric motor stator is ready to be dipped in varnish and baked in the oven.

The AC electric motor is then reassembled with new bearings and any lip seals ormechanicalseals are also replaced. The motor is then tested at our test panel and all performance data is verified. We then ship and the motor to our customer. If an installation service is required, we schedule a Field Tech to install the AC electric motor at the customer’s site.


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