AC Motor Rebuild, Rewind, And Repair


With hundreds of issues begging your attention as a building operation manager, the last thing you want on your plate is a complaint of water supply disruption because the AC motor decides to fail. It is not uncommon for the AC motor driving the water pump to fail as it degrades through years of usage.

Why Your AC Motor Fails

In the heat of the moment, you may be tempted to find out what causes the AC motor to fail. Unless you are a professionally trained individual, it is best to let the technical experts perform the diagnosis and subsequent repair. Common issues with AC motors are often due to problems with its brushes and windings.

This can further be narrowed down to several conditions that cause the eventual failure of the AC motor. Overheating is a common culprit for AC motor failures. Every AC motor is designed to operate at a specific range of temperature. Exceeding the temperature limit can result in degradation of the winding insulation.

Dirt and moisture can also contribute to the failure of an AC motor. Dirt build ups can block important ventilation airway, causing an increase in the temperature of the motor itself. If your AC motor is operating in a humid environment, moisture can cause corrosion to important parts of the motor.

AC Motor Rebuild, Rewind and Repair

In most cases, faulty AC motors can have rebuilt, rewound or repaired to get it back to its operational state again. Without the proper equipment and technical knowledge, it could be a lengthy process. The best way is to get in touch with the right professionals for the remedial works. Our highly trained technical team follows strict safety guidelines, such as ensuring the motor is turned off before any diagnosis process to prevent fatal injuries from electric shocks.

Repairing an AC motor starts with the disassembly and detailed inspections to identify any electrical or mechanical damages. Mechanical repairs on shafts and bearings require the skills of experienced technicians. In the case that the AC motor requires a rewind, the winding is stripped in a temperature controlled oven to avoid lamination damage before new high-quality wires are used to rebuild.

The repaired AC motor is then put to test, to ensure that it performs reliably in the specified environments. To ensure that your AC motor does not suffer the same failure in the short term, it is prudent to have preventive scheduled maintenance and ensure it is operating in a moisture and dirt free environment.

Connecting With Precision Electric

We understand the frustration when youre trying to get help for your failing motor and be directed to a robot-like voice mail. At Precision Electric, we are committed to upholding the uptime for our customers. Youll have the peace of mind with our 24/7 service and support for any cases of AC motor failure. And youll get to enjoy a full 12 months warranty after we have repaired or rebuild your AC motor.

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