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When It Comes To Servo Repair Quotes,

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AC Servo Motor Rebuild, Rewind, And Repair


The metal fabrication market industry in the United States is expected to grow steadily in the coming years. It has seen technology advancement such as robotic automation and software integrations to support the momentum of the industry. Despite the various innovations, a fundamental component such as the AC servo motor is still decisive in the productivity of metal fabrication.

Common Causes of AC Servo Motor Failure

As with any electrical components, an AC servo motor is subjected to degradation and outright failure along the line. Regardless of the industry you are in, such failure could affect operations and lead to financial losses. There are various causes that may contribute to the breakdown of an AC servo motor and they can be broadly categorized into mechanical, electrical and electronics fault.

One of the common mechanical faults is the contamination of oil and grease inside the motor or the brake. Such contamination can lead to complicated issues that affect the bearings, winding and the electrical components of the motor. It is also inevitable that bearings wear off after prolonged usage.

Electrical faults such as motor winding failure and degradation of components like capacitors can happen over time. Issues with the power supply can also lead to voltage spikes and damage the internal electronics component. There are occasions where the AC servo motor failure is caused by mere improper installation that results in off-positioning and extremely tight belts.

AC Servo Motor Rebuild, Rewind and Repair

When the AC servo motor driving your equipment breaks down, the logical course of action is to have it repaired or rebuilt. In most cases, it is more economical compared to replacing with a brand new motor. For example, bad winding can be addressed by rewinding the copper coil. Regardless of the issues, every repair process is handled meticulously by our technicians based on a systematic procedure.

The AC servo motor would undergo preliminary inspections to identify the cause of failure. At this point, we will determine if your faulty AC motor could be repaired and restored to its full functional condition. Once our clients agree with the cost of repair, we would then proceed with replacing or repairing the faulty components of the AC servo motor. This process often includes dismantling the motor completely and thorough cleaning and inspections of the internal parts. These are all performed by highly trained and experienced repair technicians with the aid of sophisticated repair equipment.

As the repair process completes, the motor is then rebuilt and assembled with new seals and gaskets. Our repair team ensures the motor is properly sealed and no coolant or oils can seep into the motor. Before we give you the call that your motor is ready, we put it to a stringent test to ensure that it is performing reliably. Once we are satisfied that it is as good as new, we will deliver the repaired AC servo motor back to you.

Precision Electric Offers You Peace Of Mind

The worst thing that could happen with a newly repaired AC servo motor is for it to fail again shortly after it is put into operation. While our repair team has a positive track record, Precision Electric is more than happy to offer 12 months in-service warranty that only takes effect after your repaired motor is commissioned for operation. Thats how confident we are with our repair services.

Still stuck with a faulty metal fabrication machine? Talk to our team to find out if its due to a defective AC servo motor.

When It Comes To Equipment Repair Quotes, Experience & Honesty Mean Everything…

For over 35 years Precision Electric has specialized in the repair of Industrial Variable Frequency Drives, PLCs, Servo Motors, Servo Drives, Encoders, AC Motors, DC Motors, Eddy Current Clutches, Pumps, Fans and more.

We are an authorized repair facility for many name brand vendors and have repaired equipment across a wide array of industrial electronics vendors including Allen Bradley, Rockwell, ABB, Lenze, AC Tech, Eaton, Hitachi, Marathon, Baldor, Leeson and Yaskawa.

The above list of vendors really only names a few, and does not include many nameless and brandless products shipped from over seas.

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Customer Testimonials

“We received the drive on Wednesday, and we installed it on Thursday morning. Started it and it has been running perfectly since. No issues. Thank You Again for Great Customer Service!”

“Extremely impressed with how quickly Precision Electric repaired one of our drives that went down. Saved us thousands in downtime.”

“We had an OEM tell us a new servo motor would cost us $10,000, Precision was able to repair it for less than $2,500. Thank you!”

“We had a bunch of equipment that had been damaged or blown up just lying around. We sent these items to Precision and they were able to make us some working spares out of the bad units!”

“We had our machine go down and it was costing us thousands of dollars every day. Precision Electric professionally, and quickly, got us back up and running – and we’re on the other side of the country!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Can’t You Just Give Me A Dollar Amount Quote?

Many companies provide “formula quotes” like above that far exceed actual repair costs. Our experienced team of bench technicians, who are certified across many industrial vendors, will evaluate your equipment at the component level, source parts, and provide you with areal estimate on your repair.

If you need a preliminary dollar amount repair quote, feel free to estimate using the following averages:

  • Minor repairs: As low as 20% of the price of a replacementunit.
  • Major repairs: As much as70% of the price of a replacement unit.

What Do I Do Next?

Just fill out the form above and you will receive an e-mail that doubles as your packing slip. Once you’ve received the e-mail, just print it out and put it in the box with the item when you ship it.

Is There A Warranty On Repairs?

All of our repairs include a 12-month in-service warranty. This means your warranty doesn’t kick in until you install the equipment you had repaired.

Questions or Concerns?

You can contactour repair manager Mike Sandsmark by phone at 877-625-2402 or E-mail at [email protected]

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