De-Rating ABB Drives For Single Phase Input With ACS310 and ACS355 Series

De-Rating ABB Drives for single phase input is possible with the ABB ACS310and ACS355 Series drives. The ACS3XX-01U drives ratings are supplied in standard ratings for a single-phase supply voltage ranging from 200 to 240 V. They would then be used to operate a three-phase motor. It is also possible to supply 230 V single phase power to some three phase drive ratings but this would require a de-rating of the output current when choosing a drive. Table Showing Drive Rating and Available Output Current When Single Phase Input Power Is Applied:

De-Rating ABB Drives for single phase input should only be performed by electrical technicians. If you’re de-rating ABB drives for single phase input, contact someonewith experience before purchasing or installing equipment. To learn more about ABB drives, visit the ABB Website. To purchase ABB drives or for ABB drive repair, contact Precision Electric.