How To Adjust An AC Motors Accel And Decel Time On An SMV Variable Frequency Drive

About This Video

This video covers how to adjust the acceleration and deceleration time of your AC motor by using the SMV Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). This drive is an excellent tool for creating a “soft start” situation, it also allows you to quickly decelerate if needed.

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Acceleration time and deceleration time are 104 and 105. So as we were talking about before, it took a long time for it to start and it takes a while for it to stop. Now if I go into the menu and I go to Parameter 104, this is my acceleration. I hold down the Down Arrow key and I can bring that down to like 3 seconds for example, and press Start. Well, press Menu again to enter it, and then press Start.

As you notice it got up to speed substantially quicker right? So that’s the whole idea behind that. Now I can also do the same thing with deceleration. Deceleration can be reduced significantly. Something to take into consideration though is if you have a high inertial load, in other words like a lathe – something that’s very heavy – the faster you attempt to stop it, the more energy that’s going to get pushed back up into the drive.

The drive can fault out on something called a DC Bus Fault. [There are] a couple of ways to fix that. Obviously you can extend out your deceleration of time and be a little more patient with it. It’s actually better on your drive to wait longer to stop. The other option is a dynamic braking module, which will actually absorb that extra energy that is coming out of it.

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