How To Calculate And Set Motor Overload In The SMV Variable Frequency Drive VFD

About This Video

This video covers how to calculate and set the motor overcurrent in your SMV Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). This is done by a simple mathematical formula that is in the book. Essentially you’re telling the drive not to exceed a certain amount of current output in order to protect your AC motor from damage.

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Next, we want to make sure we look at our motor overload. Our motor overload is a very important value. It’s in Parameter 108. This value is a percentage of your output current of your drive. Now, I’m gonna use hypothetical numbers in here because it’s all from basically 30 to a 100 percent.

So if you have a 10 amp drive and a 7 amp motor, you’re going to take your 7 amp motor and divide it by 10 amps, which equals 0.7. You’re going to multiply that by a hundred so you get 70 percent.

What you’re telling the drive is, “Don’t output more than this much current because you’re going to blow up my motor. Essentially what will happen is if it actually starts to exceed that amount, the drive will trip on an overcurrent fault.

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