Indramat Drive Repair

Indramat Drive Repair: Reducing Cost and Downtime for Manufacturers

Indramat drive repair is less expensive and can take less time than ordering a new Indramat drive. Indramat will sometimes recommend replacing failed drives instead of repairing them but Indramat drive replacement is expensive; And in most cases, the recommendation made by Indramat is the most convenient and profitable option for Indramat. Indramat obsolete and out-of-stock drives that fail can cost a manufacturer thousands of dollars in production loss while the failed equipment is being replaced or repaired. In some cases, the production loss could turn into an inability to fill customer orders and ultimately, can end with the loss of a customer.

The Indramat Drive Repair Process

Begins with checking the motor and drive terminal connections. This is a crucial and simple step that many people miss or do incorrectly during an Indramat drive repair. Heat cycles and mechanical vibration can lead to sub-standard connections, as can standard preventative maintenance practices. Reusing torque screws is not a good Idea, and further tightening an already tight connection, can ruin the connection. Bad connections eventually lead to arcing. Arcing at the drive input terminal can result in nuisance over voltage faults, clearing of input fuses, or damage to protective components. Arcing at the drive output terminal could result in over-current faults or even damage to the power components.Loose connections can cause erratic operation. For example, a loose START/STOP signal wire can cause uncontrollable drive starting and stopping. A loose speed reference wire can cause the drive speed to fluctuate, resulting in scrap, machine damage, or personnel injury.

Conduct Diode and IGBT Tests
There are a number of methods to test the input and output power sections during an Indramat drive repair, and this step is done prior to applying power to the drive unit. If for any reason there is a short on the input side or output side of the drive, further damage can be caused to the unit if power is applied to it.For this reason, Precision Electric uses meters to safely test the input and output power sections of the drive, prior to applying power to the actual unit. If a short is found, the unit can be disassembled and the cause of the short can be diagnosed and quoted for repair. If the Indramat drive repair is too costly, then an Indramat or equivalent product replacement is offered to the customer.

Power Up Unit
If the input and output power sections test healthy during the Indramat drive repairprocess, Precision Electric will power the unit and perform amp reading and output frequency tests. Precision Electricslowly increases the power voltage to the Indramat drive until the rated input voltage of the drive is reached. Depending on whether or not the Indramat drive provides a display will determine what further action will be taken. If display is unavailable, disassembly and diagnosis of the internal power supply of the control section of the drive is necessary to further evaluate cause of failure and establish cost and lead time for the Indramat drive repair.

Run A Motor
If the previous three tests have passed during an Indramat drive repair process, Precision Electric willrun a basic jog function of the drive with a simple template program. Often when a drive comes into our facility, we make sure to backup all existing programs stored in the drive prior to inputting a template program and running a test procedure. This ensures that we have a backup copy of the program.The best method for backing up depends on the brand of drive, but after it has been backed up, we either reset the Indramat drive to factory defaults through the keypad and recommission a basic start, stop and jog application, or, closed loop if an encoder is present. If the motor will not run, it will be necessary to check the output voltages and current ratings going to the motor to see if the drive is functioning properly to rotate the motor.

Routine Maintenance & Safety
Most Indramat drive failure can be avoided with routinepreventative maintenance. Indramat drive repair cost and lead times can also be reduced with preventative maintenance. Indramat drive repair can be expensive and cost manufacturers production throughput loss during the repair process. Most manufacturers keep spare drives in stock to prevent production loss while failed equipment is in process of being repaired.

Indramat drive repair should be taken with extreme caution and only be performed by technicians who have required training and experience to work with electrical equipment. Precision Electric strongly recommends to consult an expert in the field when repairing all industrial electrical equipment. Many drive controllers have an internal DC bus that retains a charge after power has been cut to the drive; As a result, cut power does not mean a failed drive is safe to work with. Technicians working with Indramat drives and other electrical equipmentmust always take extra precautions to ensure proper safety measures are taken to prevent injury or death.

Where Should I Send My Repair?
A lot of companies who offerIndramat drive repair, don’t even have the knowledge, staff, or proper testing equipment to perform the repair themselves. These “repair companies” who offer drive repair just outsource the repair to a third party, such as Precision Electric. Precision Electricreceives Indramat drive repairs every day from “repair companies” who offer Indramat drive repair. These “repair companies” mark up the cost to their customer and add extra time to the repair by handling the transaction. Going to these third party “repair companies” for repair services is costly, timely, and unnecessary. The most economical solution for Indramat drive repair is using a repair company who actually performs the repair. Avoid third parties and go straight to Precision Electric or someone else that is trustworthy and performs repair in-house.Precision Electric performs all Indramat drive repair in house.

For Indramat drive specifications and documentation, visit the Indramat Website. For Indramat drive repair and replacement quotes, contactPrecision Electric.