Indramat Servo Motor Repair

Indramat Servo Motor Repair

Indramat servo motor repair is less expensive than Indramat servo motor replacement. Indramat servo motor repair should only be performed by an electrical technician with training and experience.Most Indramat servo motors have unique testing procedures dependent upon their model, features, operations, and prints; But the general process is performed by a technician who follows standard test procedures. Technicians performing Indramat servo motor repair should go through an extensive evaluation process to ensure nothing is overlooked. Servo motor repairs should be initially inspected for cosmeticdamage and taking photos prior to further processing is suggested.

All nameplate and preventative maintenance info should be collected by the repair technician and safely stored forfuture reference. Once these initial steps are complete, the Indramat servo motor should be meter tested before test running on a control panel; Meter testing is to prevent further damage to parts, winding, and insulation. The servo motor should then be connected to a test stand to check EMF (electromagnetic frequency), encoder or resolver feedback, and commutation alignment; These standard tests are to ensure functionality once the motor is installed into production.Servo motor repairs also need to be tested with an oscilloscope to create an operation print. Once an operation printout is generated, the technicianwill check for connection issues, magnet failure, winding failure, and perform a 100% component test.

IndramatServo Motor Repair – Steps

  • Visual inspection of cosmetics
  • Take photos of unit
  • Gather nameplate data and shaft dimensions
  • Inspection of all electrical and mechanical servo motor parts
  • Re-magnetize magnets when necessary
  • Re-manufacture outputflange using original flange and factory dimensions
  • Repair or rewind servo motor windings, insulation, connections
  • Steam clean and bake
  • Replace brush holder and brushes (or repair brush holder if obsolete)
  • Grounded to electrical testing
  • Surge testing of everywinding to at least 1500 volts
  • Armature bar to bar test; to determine any shorts or opens within the winding
  • Servo motor alignment
  • Installation of high-grade sealed bearings
  • Installation of double lip seals in the front flange
  • Replacement of all old seals, O-rings, gaskets and connectors
  • Two part epoxy coating for an added protection

Once testing is complete, the servo motor technician reassembles the unit for final testing. During the final test procedure, techniciansshould connect the motor to an inverter drive with and without a load. Running the servo motor on an inverter is to ensure complete functionality beforereturning to customer. Final testing of servo with an inverter also allows verification that the servo motor can operate at full voltage and withstand full load amps of the motor specifications.It’s also suggested that repair shops work closely with all servo motor manufacturers. Working closely with servo motor manufacturers allows foraccess todata sheets that are needed to ensure that the the servo motor performs equal to, or better than, the original equipment manufacturer standards.

Some repair shops only require technicians to perform a few of these procedures but all of them are suggested by Precision Electric. Most repair shopswho offer Indramat servo motor repair do not even perform the repair in their facility; Instead, they outsource the repair to a third party such as PrecisionElectric. Precision Electric recommends technicians who areinvolved in repair decisions, verify thatthe company you’re sending equipment to is the same company who performs the repair. Using a third party Indramat servo motor repair shop is risky, more expensive and has a longer lead time than going directly to the repair source.

Servo motor repairs performed by Precision Electric includes a 12 month in-service warranty. The PrecisionElectric in-service warranty begins the day the servo motor is put into production and ends 12 months later.

For more information on Indramat servo motor repair and replacement, contact Precision Electric.