Industrial Equipment Repair w/ In Service Warranty

motor rewindPrecision Electric offers Nationwide industrial equipment repair for manufacturers, OEM’s, end users, and others since 1983. Precision Electric repairs / rebuilds any brand AC and DC Variable Frequency Drives in all horsepower ratings through 1,000 Volts AC / DC. Additional industrial equipment repair services offered by Precision Electric, Inc. include AC / DC Electric Motor Repair from Fractional Horsepower through 1,000 Horsepower. Custom control cabinet design and manufacture, PLC programming, Servo Motor and Servo Drive Repair, Servo Amplifier Repair, PBC Repair, And Repair of all other related equipment. All repair work performed by Precision Electric is completed in house or on-site for customer convenience. Precision Electric guarantees small motor repair and large motor repair are of equal quality, and all Repair work includes a 1 year In Service Warranty. The Precision Electric In Service Warranty begins when the equipment repaired goes into service to encourage the repair of spare / back up equipment that may be laying around, in non-working condition. This process is most economical for the customer because when spare equipment is needed, the customer has a repaired spare available and no matter how long the item has been sitting, there’s no need to worry about expired warranties. Once the equipment is put into service and functioning, the in service warranty begins.

Precision Electric has a unique repair process that is unlike the competition. Most motor shops function as ‘assembly line’ in their repair processes to cut costs on repair work. Repair work performed by Precision Electric is more successful than the competition by a unique process. The mechanic who starts a repair job at Precision Electric is the same mechanic that finalizes the repair job. This unique repair process holds every mechanic accountable for their performance, and it also assures a repair product that is more reliable than that of the original product from the manufacturer.

Precision Electric industrial equipment repair services include troubleshooting, repair, rebuild, and rewind. Precision Electric is capable of both form-wound coils and random-wound machined coils. Precision Electric industrial equipment repair services also includes all types of AC and DC electric motors, generators, transformers, clutches, brakes, pumps, gearboxes, blowers, fans, shafts, sleeve bearings, and hoist equipment.
General Service offered by Precision Electric:

  • rotary apparatus repair
  • electric motor repair
  • drive repair AC and DC
  • PCB repair
  • servo motor repair
  • servo drive repair
  • mechanical repairs
  • pump repair
  • gearbox repair
  • and all other related products and services.

Industrial Equipment Repair ServicesThe Precision Electric in-service warranty is another advantage we have over our competition. Our in-service warranty begins the same day our customers install equipment rebuilt by Precision Electric, and ends 12 months later.

The Precision Electric in-service warranty gives the customer incentive to keep a spare motor in all areas of production. Precision Electric encouragescustomers to have all spares rebuilt and ready for immediate replacement to ensure maximum production with little to no downtime.

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