Lenze Americas Announces

Lenze Americas Announces Product Changeover

Lenze Americas(formerly AC Tech, AC Technologies) announced today that the AC Tech Sub-Micro series (SC Series) of drives and Lenze global drives series (8200 9200, ECS) were launched over 15 years ago, and since then have developed and enhanced their functionality. With advances in technology, Lenze has decided to cease production of the AC Tech SCF, SCM, and SCL series VFD Drives.In going forward, Lenze Americas plans to focus their attention to new and globally-compliant products. Lenze Americas will cease production of all AC Tech SCM, SCM, and SCL series VFD drives by 2019.

Looking toward the future, Lenze Americas will manufacture and provide new solutions for customers globally. Lenze Americas and customers of Precision Electric will continue to support these products during the changeover to new products. Together, Lenze Americas and Precision Electric can discuss how to meet the production needs of your company; while ensuring the supply of replacement parts and/or the possibility of VFD repairs.

Important phase-out process dates:

  • * Joint product phase-out planning,4/1/2017
  • * Last opportunity for Sub-micro and global drive series orders,4/30/2017
  • * Final delivery of last orders,4/30/2019
  • * Supply of replacement parts and repairs until at least,4/30/2021

*Please note that orders cannot be cancelled.

To order exact replacement SCF, SCM, or SCL products before April 2017, visit the Precision Electric website. To replace SCF, SCM, or SCL series products with updatedproducts, visit the Precision Electric website. For all VFDrepair and replacement inquires, contact Precision Electric.