Lenze Price Increase

Lenze Price Increase – Effective May 1st, 2017

Lenze Price IncreaseEffective May 1st, 2017, has been atopic of discussion for several months. Lenze Americas (formerly AC Tech Corporation) originally announced this price increase in March of 2017. Lenze iscommitted toproducing the most innovative products in the industry. Lenze latest product offerings of the i500 and the g500 are proving to give customers a competitive edge in their marketplace with motion control solutions.

The Lenze price increase will be applied to SMV products, i500 products, Global drive products, and Sub Micro products that have been in the market for over 15 years. Sub Micro Series products include MC1000 (MC), SMV, SCF, SCM and SCL series products. Some of theproducts that will see a price increase are beginning their phase-out period. Products in the phase-out period will no longer be available for purchase within two years from today. The chart below hasdetailed information on all products that will be affected by the Lenze price increase. There is also additional information on this chart regarding products that are in the phase-out period. Products that arenot listed, will stay in regular production and stay the same price.

Product: Increased By:

Submicro Series (SMV, i500, MC1000*,SCM*, SCF*, SCL*, TML*)
Global Drives (82v, 82m, 93s, 93v, ECS)*
Global Drives Series Accessories and Filters



Electromechanical Small Drives (SSN)10.00%
Controls – EL100, X80010.00%
Controls – EPM-H15.00%
Intorq products, brakes, clutches, couplings,belts, pulleys2.0%

*These products have been in the market for over 15 years and are beginning their phase-out period.While the phase-out period is two years away, we would like to assist you in the migration process to provide an upgraded replacement. Please contact Precision Electric: 877-625-2402 for any application or migration assistance.

Please note:
All previously issued Price Books will be obsolete.If you have any of the above products that need replaced, contact Precision Electric before May 1st, 2017 to avoid the Lenze price increase. For additional product information, visit the Lenze Website. For Lenze product replacement quotes or product repair quotes, contact Precision Electric.