PCB Repair

pcr repair

Every servo drive that controls your pumps motor are driven by electronics. Tiny components are connected on a PCB and give intelligence to the control. As with other electronics, they break down from time to time, and when they do, your electric motor would stop operating.

Common Issues With Electronics PCB

There are a few factors that are commonly associated with damaged PCB. Lighting surge is one of the top reason why the PCB in your servo drives got damaged. The risk of this happening increases when communication cables are exposed to the outdoor environment. A transient surge will result in damages to surrounding components of the incoming cable connection.

Electronics components are rated to operate at a certain temperature. If youre placing the servo drives in an area that is badly ventilated, the internal temperature of the servo may build up and degrade the components on the PCB. This shortens the lifespan of the electronics and eventually causes the PCB to fail.

Humidity is also one of the common reasons why PCB failed. When the humidity in the rooms are not regulated, moisture can form between components pin on the PCB and that causes a short circuit. To make matter worse, dirt and grime that accumulates on the PCB also increase of the critical components getting shorted.

Even without these factors, electronics component do degrade over time. Eventually, some of the semiconductors would have worn out and the PCB will fail. This calls for immediate repair to get the servo functional at the soonest time.

PCB Repair

We strongly discourage our customers from repairing PCB on their own. Even when not powered up, some of the capacitors may store charges and you may suffer electrical shock from the discharge. Besides that, handling electronics component without the proper precaution may cause electrostatic discharge that damages the component.

Our repair technicians are well-trained to diagnose and repair faulty PCB. We ensure that the proper ESD wrist strap is worn by our technicians to ensure no electrostatic damage occurs to the electronics components. We also ensure that any high capacity capacitors are fully discharged safely.

Using the right diagnosis tools like a multimeter, we measure for any short circuits caused by damaged integrated circuits or passive components. We also carry out visual inspection for any burn marks, a tell-tale sign of the PCB hit by a lightning surge. If none are detected, we then proceed to power up the PCB carefully.

If the PCB managed to power up, we then test the functionality of the hardware in a systematic manner. By now, the faulty components or module would have been identified and well carry out the repair or replacement needed. After the PCB is repaired, we ensure that it runs without problem in a live test before sending it back to our customers.

Why Precision Electric

We always believe in providing the best services to our customers and thats how we have built our business since 1983. You can trust on the expertise of our engineers as they boast more than 100 years of combined experience. We took pride in our repair team in such a way that we offer our customers 12 months of warranty when getting us to repair their faulty PCB.

No luck in getting your PCB to power up? Talk to our team at Precision Electric for professional help.