• electrocraft power s

    Electrocraft Power Supply Module – BRU-500-PSM-50

    $700.00 $630.00 Sale!
  • IMG_2923

    MX2PB-100-4-4-NCOP – Surplus Benshaw 100 HP, 480 V, 120 A Soft Start

    $3,837.25 $2,837.25 Sale!
  • reliance elec 0-51899-2

    Reliance Electric Control Module Extender Card – 0-51899-2

    $1,140.00 $1,026.00 Sale!
  • keyence RD-50RK

    Keyence Controller 24 V Analog sensor – RD-50RK

    $1,363.00 $1,226.00 Sale!
  • superior elec slo syn 2000s ps12-230 e 400

    Superior Electric Slo-Syn 2000S – P12-230/E400

    $1,375.00 $1,237.00 Sale!
  • barber coleman temp control

    Barber Coleman Temperature Control – 2204E

    $450.00 $405.00 Sale!
  • baldor amp 20-P and 40P

    Baldor Power Supply – BPS10-200-40-P

    $845.00 $400.00 Sale!
  • baldor amp 20-P and 40P

    Baldor Power Supply – BPS10-200-20-P

    $1,221.00 $850.00 Sale!
  • cfw08 vector inverter

    Weg Electric Frequency Inverter – CFW-08 PLUS

    $213.50 $192.15 Sale!
  • TI 505-4232

    Texas Instruments Digital Input Module – 505-4232

    $99.00 $89.00 Sale!

    $1,352.00 $1,216.80 Sale!
  • Omron ZS-LD80

    $2,042.00 $1,842.00 Sale!

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