Reliance Servo Motor Repair

Reliance Servo Motor RepairPrecision Electric has offered Reliance servo motor repair since 1983. Precision Electric keeps original specification sheets on file for various types of Reliance servo motors.

There are a lot of companies who offer Reliance servo motor repair and they don’t actually repair Reliance servo motors in their own facility. Precision Electric knows this because some of our customers are repair centers who outsource their Reliance servo motors to Precision Electric for repair.

Precision Electric performs all servo motor repair on-site because Precision Electric has the technical training and proper testing equipment to repair Reliance servo motors.Over the years Precision Electric has repaired and replaced thousands of Reliance servo motors.

Every Reliance servo motor that was damaged beyond economical repair has been kept in our warehouse for parts use.Having a stock of parts for Reliance servo motors streamlines the repair process and saves customers money in downtime.


Reliance Servo Motor RepairOnce an industrial product has reached the end of its life cycle a more advanced product becomes available. Industrial manufacturing equipment can be expensive,so manufacturers cut costs by maintaining obsolete equipment in production.

The Reliance H series servo motor is a good example of an obsolete product that is still in production across the globe in manufacturing facilities.

The Reliance H series servo motors are obsolete so there’s a high demand for Reliance H series servo motor repair.

The Reliance H Series servo motor is used with Electrocraft 2000 series amplifiers, Allen Bradley Ultra Plus amplifiers, and other products manufactured by Allen Bradley, Electrocraft, and Reliance.

The Reliance H series servo motor generally needs to be serviced more often than the servo amplifiers that run them.

Emergency Repair Service

Reliance Servo Motor RepairPrecision Electric recommends all manufacturers keep spare servo motors for crucial production lines. Keeping a spare servo motor on crucial production lines can make a manufacturer profits by maximizing production if the original servo motor fails. If a spare servo motor is not available, manufacturers could lose thousands of dollars in production downtime.

Precision Electric offers emergency repair services for Reliance servo motors to manufacturers around the world. Precision Electric is open 24 hours a day to meet the service demands of industrial manufacturers. Call Precision Electric today for free repair quotes or exact replacement quotes.

Questions? Let Us Help. Call Toll Free at1-877-625-2402orE-Mail Sales and Support.



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