Step 1: Submit Request

Simply submit your quote request using the form below and it will generate a packing slip for you automatically. You will receive a copy of this packing slip in your e-mail.

Step 2: Ship Your Item

We only repair what needs to be repaired and determine the true cause of failure. Print the packing slip generated from the form, put it in the box and ship us your item.

Step 3: Get Your Repair

After our technicians evaluate the item, determine the cost of parts and labor, we will provide you with a final quote for approval. Then we repair, test your item and return it!

Step 2: Ship Your Item, We E-mailed You A Packing Slip

Check your e-mail for your packing slip, if you don’t receive it please check your spam or let us know.

Please allow 5 – 10 minutes for your packing slip to hit your inbox.

Customer Testimonials

“Extremely impressed with how quickly Precision Electric repaired one of our drives that went down. Saved us thousands in downtime.”

“We had an OEM tell us a new servo motor would cost us $10,000, Precision was able to repair it for less than $2,500. Thank you!”

“We had a bunch of equipment that had been damaged or blown up just lying around. We sent these items to Precision and they were able to make us some working spares out of the bad units!”

“We had our machine go down and it was costing us thousands of dollars every day. Precision Electric professionally, and quickly, got us back up and running – and we’re on the other side of the country!”

Short List Of Vendors We Repair

Ship To Address:

Precision Electric, Inc.
Internet Repair Division
1428 West Sixth Street
Mishawaka, IN 46544