While You Were Out

This form is for internal use - it allows you to create a "while you were out" message to the appropriate person.

  • Only one person can be selected. This is to prevent possible overlap in communications to the customer. If it is an internet sales inquiry, use Ryan Chamberlin. If it is an internet motor inquiry, use Preston Dodd. If it is an internet technical support inquiry, use Craig Chamberlin. If you are unsure, use your best discretion and ask Joe or Craig Chamberlin who the most appropriate person should have been for that type in inquiry.
  • Use URGENT sparingly, if possible. You may need to use your own judgement (rather than the Customer's) to determine if something is actually urgent. We define URGENT as "drop everything that you're doing and take care of this"
  • If the customer is calling for technical support on an internet purchase they must provide you with the original order number. If they do not have the order number available you can either try to look it up in your e-mails with their e-mail address or let them know they will need to call back.