ABB AC500-eCo PLCThe ABB AC500-eCo is a powerful PLC system that features a 128 kB user memory coupled with a fast CPU offering program processing times of 0.1 microseconds per instruction. The ABB AC500-eCo PLC offers all of the advantages as the AC500 PLC plus an impressive set of programming features. The family of ABB AC500 products uses a common programming system so they are all easy to learn and configure. ABB’s advanced simulation mode allows programs to be debugged without the need for PLC hardware, which reduces on-site testing requirements. ABB’s user-configurable I/O systems makes flexibility for being able to make decisions and modifications up the the last minute.

The ABB AC500-eCo PLC entry-level products are designed for integration into the broader ABB AC500 PLC family to provide assurance of knowing that the system is able to grow with customer needs. The AC500-eCo offers individually customized solutions to be created by using S500 and S500-eCo I/O modules in combination with AC500-eCo CPU’s for smaller stand-alone applications; and the AC500 CPU’s for middle and high-end applications.The ABB AC500-eCo PLC uses deductible terminals and the I/O modules can be fitted to DIN rail mounting which makes pre-wiring possible and installation made easy. The ABB AC500-eCo has a future oriented design with its slim footprint, rapid andsecure cabling options and integrated diagnostic / monitoringindicators to integrate perfectly into PLC applications. The ABB AC500-eCo supports a secure connection to the system bus to ensure by means of sturdy, laterally integrated plugs.


ABB engineers designed the AC500-eCo PLC with multiple forms of communication such as Modbus master/slave, CS31 and a CPU with onboard Ethernet. The ABB AC500-eCo PLC comes with an easily integrated serial interface parameterized as a Modbus master/slave or CS31 for an easy way to exchange data. The ABB AC500-eCo PLC also comes with a second serial interface and an SD card holder can optionally be attached; allowing for the best possibility of having a total of two serial ports available for communication and programming. To learn more about the ABB AC500-eCo PLC, or to download literature and technical documentation, visit the ABB Website.