ABB Announces Release

ABB ACS880-PE Enclosed Drive Released By ABB

ABBACS880-PE Enclosed Drive is the latest offering of ABB configured drives. This product was announced and released by ABB on March 31st, 2017. The ACS880-PE Enclosed Drive features a single ACS880-01 flange-mounted variable frequency drive in a wall mounted or floor standing enclosure and is available in a UL type 1 or type 12 design. It also features a wide selection of optional components including a manual two-contactor bypass with or without a soft start and a variety of power filters.

The ABB ACS880-PE Enclosed Drive is a pre-engineered space-saving solution, with ABB quality inside and out. It can be used in a variety of industries including chemical, oil and gas, mining, material handling, pulp and paper, saw mills and cement. Applications include extruders, winders, conveyors, mixers, compressors, pumps and fans. The ABB ACS880-PE Enclosed Drive is available up to 200 HP and is engineered for indoor locations in industrial environments. The ACS880-PE Enclosed Drive is available in 230VAC from 1hp to 100hp and in 460VAC from 1hp to 200hp.

Standard Features

  • ABB ACS880-01 enclosed drive, flange mounted
  • Wall-mount or floor-standing enclosure
  • Lockable fused disconnect switch
  • UL Type 1 or Type 12 enclosure
  • UL listed with 100 kA SCCR
  • Rigid enclosure with fans and filters
  • Door-mounted control panel
  • Top or bottom entry or exit
  • Engineered for ease of service

ABBs common drive architecture features a user interface, parameter menu structure, accessories and PC tools common across the ACS880 platform. The standard ACS880 part number will just change from ACS880-*** to ACS880-PE-*** everything else in the part number being the same as before, except the added PE suffix. The lead time for ACS880-PE drives as of 4-5-2017 is 8 weeks short term, and 6 weeks long term. For additional information on the ABB ACS880-PE Enclosed Drive, visit the ABB Website. For ABB drive repair and replacement, contact Precision Electric.