AC Tech Drive Repair

AC Tech Drive Repair

Should I Repair Or Replace My Drive?

Cost and Production Loss

AC Tech drive repair can be quicker and less expensive than drive replacement. AC Tech drive repair is most economical for: obsoletedrives, out of stock drives, and, drives above 10 horsepower. When a failed AC Tech drive is obsolete or the availability exceeds repair time, AC Tech drive repair can be a better solution than replacement.

AC Tech drives below 10 horsepower typically fail in eight years from their initial installation date.AC Tech drivesbelow 10 horsepower are more often replaced than repaired because the cost of repair will exceed the cost of replacement. AC Tech drives above 10 horsepower have a longer life span, and, are more often repaired than replaced, because the cost of repair is less expensive than the cost of replacement. Depending on the cause of failure, an AC Tech drive repair can cost anywhere from 40%-75% less than the replacement cost.

There are special circumstances that would allow a maintenance technician to choose AC Tech drive repair instead of replacement, regardless of the drive cost. For example: If a crucial production line is down due to AC Tech drive failure, a maintenance technician would look at their options: 1.) AC Tech drive replacement or 2.) AC Tech drive repair. If the AC Tech product needed is not in stock and the lead time is several weeks, the quicker solution would be AC Tech drive repair. The cost of the repair in these situations would first depend on the cost of downtime. If the downtime in production loss exceeds the drive repair time, the maintenance tech would go with the drive repair.

PM Programs

AC Tech drive repair PM programs for larger (above 10hp) AC Tech drives, can prevent severe damage to AC Tech drives. Severely damaged drive repair can cost more than drive replacement, depending on the extent of board and component damage. Preventative maintenance consists of cleanup or replacement of circuit boards and all other electrical components – Followed by 100% component test and final test run with motor; PM programs are typically scheduled out once or twice a year – onsite, when necessary.

AC Tech Drive Repair– Where Should I Send My Drive?

AC Tech drive repairis an asset to manufacturers, but choosing the right source is crucial. If the manufacturer chooses the wrong repair vendor, the mfg. could end up 1.) paying too much, 2.) waiting too long, or, 3.) paying a repair vendor thats outsourcing the repair to a third party, and marking up the cost. Precision Electric performs AC Tech drive repair every day for electrical repair shops who offer repair services. Precision Electric suggests to all manufacturers: make sure your repair vendor is performing the repair and not outsourcing the repair.

All AC Tech drive repair services are performed in house at Precision Electric. Precision Electric replaces bad components and failed parts with the best available components and parts in the electrical industry. All AC Tech drive repair performed by Precision Electric includes a one year in service warranty. The in service warranty ensures that all repaired equipment will receive an entire year of warranty – the warranty begins the day your equipment is put into service. The in service warranty is especially attractivefor spare drives.

AC Tech Drive Repair – Safety

AC Tech drive repair should be taken with extreme caution andonly be performed by trained technicians. Most AC Tech driveshave an internal DC bus that retains a charge after power has been cut to the drive. An untrained drive user can be injured if theyre unaware that power is still active on the drive. A technician working with variable frequency drives must follow certain steps and take extra precautions during a drive repair – This is to prevent injury or death during the repair.

For AC Tech repair quotes, contact Precision Electric. To learn more about AC Tech drive repair and replacement, contact Precision Electric.