The ABB VFD ACS550seriescovers a wide range of options. It combines a sophisticated microprocessor with advanced IGBT power switching technology to deliver volts per hertz, close looped flux vector and sensorless vector control of alternating current motors. The ACS550series control panel offers numerous benefits making it the most user-friendly panel out of all variable frequency drives in the industry. The extensive library of pre-programmed application macros maximizes convenience and minimizes start-up time. The ACS550 series can handle the most demanding industrial applications in an efficient, dependable and economic manner.The ABB VFD ACS500 series is mainly used on pump, fan, conveyor, and other related constant torque applications. The ACS550 series is ideal for those situations where there is a need for simple installation, commissioning and where custom or special engineering is not required. Download ABB VFD User Manuals.

ABB VFD ACS550 Packaged Systems

The ACS550-CC is a packaged version of the ACS550 series. Itis a complete drive with bypass package that includes the ACS550 VFD, a bypass function that allows the motor to be run at full voltage (in the event the drive is shut down for service), a main disconnect, branch circuit, short circuit and ground fault protection. Complete ACS550 systems are pre-engineered packaged systems that reduce time, effort and the cost of installation. The ACS550-CC bypass function is configured entirely of standard industrial control components. The ACS550-CC bypass package includes two electrically interlocked contactors, a motor overload relay, a control power transformer with primary and secondary fusing, and a cover mounted drive-off bypass selector switch. The ACS550-CC bypass is accomplished by means of the two contactors. One is the bypass contactor used to connect the motor directly to the power line. The second contactor is the output that disconnects the motor from t he drive output when operating in bypass mode. This prevents the back feeding that would occur if line voltage were applied to the drive output terminals. The ACS550-CC output contactor and the bypass contactor are electrically interlocked to prevent simultaneous operation.

ABB VFD ACS550 Enclosure Options

The ABB VFDACS550 series with bypass package is available in Nema 1 and Nema 12 enclosures through 100 horsepower in power ratings of 208-230 voltage. ABB VFD ACS550 with bypass packages are also available in Nema 1 and Nema 12 through 500 horsepower at 480 voltage and 150 horsepower at 600 voltage. For outdoor applications, Nema 3R enclosures are sheet steel construction with a tough powder coat paint finish for corrosion resistance and include a 100 watt, thermostatically controlled space heater and thermostatic control of the force ventilated cooling system as a standard. Technical documentation for the ABB VFD ACS550series can be downloaded from the ABB Website.

To learn more about the ABB VFD ACS550 series, visit the ABB Website. For ABB VFD ACS550 repair and replacement quotes, contact Precision Electric.