Eaton VFD System Drives

Eaton VFD System Drives

Eaton VFD system drives can reduce energy consumption from 10 to 50 percent by reducingthe speed of an electric motor to its needed output speed. With reduced energy consumption, utility expenses are reduced and within a few months, the investment of Eaton VFD system drives canpay forthemselves.

Eaton VFD system drives allow for steady speed error, fast torque rise time, high immunity to resonance vibrations and high starting torque and current. Eaton VFD system drives canbe customized to fit multiple motor drive systems and high-speed applications. Eaton drives can be designed specifically for high-performance applications with highprocessing power, and the ability to use information from an encoder or resolver to provide precise motor feedback control. Eaton drives also offer a uniquemicroprocessor to provide high dynamic performance for applications where precise motor handling and reliability are required.

The DG1 general-purpose Eaton VFD system drives are part of the Eaton next-generation PowerXL series. The DG1 general-purpose drive is specifically engineered for todays moredemanding commercial and industrial applications. EatonDG1 drives offer an industry-leading energy efficiency algorithm, high short-circuit current ratingand robust design, safety and reliability. The LCX9000 drive is liquid-cooled to utilize potable water or a water-glycol mixture as a cooling medium. The LCX9000 drive has a compactsize and low heat transfer rates to allow the enclosure size to be greatly reduced, which is especially beneficial in UL Type 4X applications.

The PowerXL of Eaton VFD system drives is the next generation enclosed drive platform that packages Cutler Hammer’s PowerXL DG1 and SVX drive families in a fast and reliable designsolution. The CFX9000 clean power of Eaton drives use tuned passive filters to significantly reduce line harmonics at the drive input terminals. These drives are anexcellent choice for small and midsize applications where harmonics are a concern. The CPX9000 drives are used for water, waste water, HVAC,industrial and process industries where harmonics are present. They offer one of the purest sinusoidal waveforms available.

The SVX9000 of Eaton VFD system drives offer sensorless vector control technology coupled with an adaptive motor model and sophisticated ASIC circuit features. This technologyallows for steady speed error, fast torque rise time, high immunity to resonance vibrations and high starting torque and current. The SVX9000 is suitable for multiple motor drivesystems and high-speed applications.

Obsolete Eaton VFD System Drives

The MVX9000 Micro of Eaton drives are sensorless vector variable frequency drives that are designed to provide adjustable speed control of three-phase motors. EatonSLX9000 are compact, powerful and are based on the more robust SVX9000. The SVX9000 is a newer version of the obsolete SLX9000. It is designed to be the next generation of drives specifically engineered for moderncommercial and light industrial applications.The MVX9000 series of Eaton VFD system drives are obsolete and replaced by Cutler Hammer VFD Eaton M-MAX drives. The M-Max drive is a compact micro drive with a broad power range.The M-Max series features board coating, unique mounting characteristics, simple programming, and 50C Rating to make the M-Max perfectly suited for machinery applications in manyindustries. Typical applications for the M-Max drives include Food and Beverage, HVAC, Packaging, Pumping, Textile, OEM, and more.

The HVX series of Cutler Hammer VFD drives are currently replaced by the Eaton H-MAX drives. The H-MAX series of HVAC VFDsystem drives are designed to the HVAC market for fan, pump, and fluid control applications. The patented energy savings algorithm, high short-circuit current rating and intuitiveuser interface provide customers an energy efficient, safe, and easy to use solution for variable frequency drive needs. The H-MAX drive supports the increasing demand for energysavings in buildings, systems and facilities. Built in capabilities and unique features provide a competitive solution that can add value to any end user.

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