Eaton SVX9000 Over Temp

The trip level for Eaton SVX9000 over temp default is 90Conthe IGBTs and B5C for the power board. Depending on the drive size there may be up to B different temps that can be read from the HMI. FRB and below drive only have one sensor for the IGBTs and one for the power board. The power board is not read out on the HMI. Onlarger Eaton SVX9000 drives you there’sa sensor for every IGBT, although only the highest from each phase is displayed on the HMI. It will also display the power board’s temperature. The temperature displayed in the monitor menu is the highest reading of the IGBTs. To see the individual reading, go to the multi monitor which is normally located in the system menu.

When there is an Eaton SVX9000 over temp trip, the first thingto determine is whether it’s an Eaton SVX9000 over temp power module trip or a power board trip. In the fault history the fault will list a module and sub-module. The sub module is the one that will say either module or board and this tells you where the fault is coming from. If it says module this is from the IGBTs and if it says board it is from the power board.

If the Eaton SVX9000 over temp trip is from the module the first thing that you need to check is to see whether the cooling fans work. If the fans work the next thing to check is whether you have air flow through the drive. If air flow isn’t present, you may need to send your Eaton drive to Precision Electric for repair services. If you have air flow check the temp of the air flow to see if there is really hot air coming out of the drive or if it’s cool air. If you have cool air flowing through the drive and it is still tripping out more than likely the temperature monitoring circuit is bad. This type of failure normally requires repair service. Another thing to look for is the ambient temp of the environment that the drive is located in. The drive is meant to be in a location that does not exceed 40C and is no more than 1000 M above sea level. If either of these 2 conditions are exceeded, the drive may needto be de-rated.

If the trip is from the power board it can be caused by a couple of things. If the ambient temp around the boards is too high you can get this trip. More likely this trip will occur on FR10 and above drives. This trip is coming from the ASICs board and normally tells you the fan that cools the ASIC board is not working. Something to note with this trip is that the drive will try to prevent this trip by changing its switching frequency. The drive will start to do this 1C before the warning level and will reduce its switching freq faster the closer it gets to the trip level. The drive will lower its switching frequency down to 2kHz.

Power board failure is a common problemfrom Eaton SVX9000 over temp tripping. For Eaton SVX9000 over temp repair and replacement inquiries, contactPrecision Electric. To learn more about Eaton SVX9000 adjustable speed drives, visit the Eaton Website.