Eaton DG1 Drives

Eaton DG1 drives are general purpose drives andare a part of Eatons next generation PowerXL Series of adjustable frequency drives. Eaton DG1 drives arespecifically engineered for todays more demanding commercial and industrial applications. The power unitmakes use of the most sophisticated semiconductor technology and a highly modular construction that can be flexibly adapted to meet the customers needs. The control module was designed to include todaysstandard communication protocols and I/O while still having the abilityto add additional option cards.Eatons patented Active Energy Control is also a standard feature on DG1 drives, offering customers increased efficiency, safety and reliability.These drives continue the tradition of robust
performance and raise the bar on features and functionality, ensuring the best solution at the right price. Eaton DG1 drive products range from 230 Volt through 125 horsepower; 480 volt and 575 volt through 250 horsepower. Eaton DG1 drives are standardNema 1 (IP21) enclosed. All Eaton DG1 drives come with an EMC filter and standard brake chopper.

Accessories – Eaton DG1 Drives

The PowerXL SeriesEaton DG1 drives can accommodate a wide selection of expanded and adapter option boards to customize the drive for your application needs. The drives control unit is designed to accept a total of two additional option boards. The PowerXL SeriesDG1 drives come with a factory-installed standard board configuration including the following:

Standard I/O:

  • 8DI, 1DO
  • 2AI, 2AO
  • Three relays

Standard communications:

  • Ethernet IP, Modbus TCP
  • RS-485: Modbus RTU
  • BACnet MS/TP

The IP54 option kit is used to convert a IP21to a IP54 drive. The kit includes cover, fan and grommets.The Eaton DG1 drives flange kit is used when the power section heat sink ismounted through the back panel of an enclosure. The kitincludes hardware, top flange plate, bottom flange plate andtwo side flange plates.The PowerXL Series PC Tool is designed for programming, controlling and monitoring of EatonDG1 drives. Features include loading parameters that can be saved to a file or printed,setting references, starting and stopping the motor, monitoring signals in graphical or textform, and real-time display.

To learn more about Eaton DG1 drives or for Eaton DG1 drive repair or replacement quotes, contact Precision Electric, Inc.

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