Hitachi Inverters

Hitachi inverters can be utilized for an array of industrial applications. Hitachi inverters are equipped with several advanced features, and deliver unprecedented performance, reliability, and flexibility. Hitachi inverters are a result of a high degree of commonality between each model and the user-friendly configuration software, making them easy to install, program, and maintain. Hitachi inverters are manufactured to provide an economical solution for industry’s most challenging applications.

NE-S1 Hitachi Inverters

NE-S1 Hitachi inverters are simple to use for speed control solutions are are available in the popular horsepower range of 1/2 hp through 5 hp. NE-S1 inverters have an ultra-compact design, and are pre-configured for out of the box integration in most applications to suit the needs of both OEMs and System Integrators. NE-S1 inverters reduce installation space by attaching FFM, so ventilation is exhausted to the front. This allows the inverter to save panel space and cost to the overall installation. NE-S1 inverters improves capacitor life by attaching FFM to applicable model. The expected life of the aluminum electrolytic capacitors is approximately doubled, adding longevity to NE-S1 inverters.

NE-S1 inverters are seen in many applications such as:

  • Air conditioning systems
  • Fans and blowers
  • Clean rooms
  • Pumps
  • Water and wastewater pump systems
  • Tank-less water supply and drainage systems
  • Food Processing Machines
  • Slicers
  • Mixers
  • Confectionery machines
  • Fruit Sorters
  • Machine Retrofits for all industries


SJ700D Hitachi Inverters

SJ700D Hitachi inverters outperform on performance, capabilities and functions of its predecessor, the Hitachi SJ700B Series. SJ700D inverters come with improved sensorless vector (SLV) control algorithm, which allows the SJ700D Series to develop 150% torque at 0.5 Hz, ideal for a wide range of applications. Another key upgrade in the SJ700D Series is the addition of Hitachi’s EzSQ (Easy Sequence) built-in programming function, which provides the functionality of a PLC built into the inverter. SJ700D inverters offer built in programming functions. Sequence operations are used by downloading programs created with Hitachi’s EzSQ software and then transferred to the Hitachi inverters. Operation of SJ700D inverters can be tailored to meet changing process requirements and SJ700D inverters can replace separate PLC’s in some cases to simplify or eliminate external hardware, which reduces cost and increases performance. SJ700D Hitachi inverters through 150kW have a built-in EMC filter to reduce electromagnetic noise, cost and space. SJ700D inverters have a lifetime warning function to allow preventive maintenance before a failure occurs.

WJ200 Hitachi Inverters

WJ200 Hitachi inverters are designed for excellent performance and user friendliness. The WJ200 series is available in power ranges from 100-200VAC and single phase input to three phase output. The WJ200 series has an integrated auto-tuning function for easy sensorless vector control. Sensorless vector control allows for high starting torque of 200% or greater and is suitable for a variety of applications. Simplified auto-tuning procedure for WJ200 inverters allow for ease of setup and operation via standard integral keypad, optional enhanced keypad or via PC software. There’s also a built-in dynamic braking transistor in all WJ200 inverter models. WJ200 inverters are capable of driving permanent magnet as well as standard induction motors. WJ200 inverters are seen in a wide range of industrial manufacturing applications.

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