Servo Motor Repairs

Servo motor repairs areless expensive and quicker than servo motorreplacements.Servo motorrepairs should be taken with extreme caution and only be performed by technicians who have training and experience to work with electrical equipment. Most companies who offer servo motorrepairs do not even perform the repair in their facility; instead, these companies outsource the repair to a third party such asPrecision Electric. Precision Electric always receives servo motorrepairs from companies who offer servo motorrepair services. Third party repair companies take longer to return equipment to their customers and third party repair companies mark up the repair cost to their customers. Precision Electric recommends verifying that the company offering repair services is the company actually repairing the equipment.

Servo motor repairs should always go through an extensive evaluation process to ensure nothing is overlooked.The servo motor should be connected to a test stand to check back emf, encoder or resolver feedback, and commutation alignment to ensure functionality once the motor is installed into productions. Servo motor repairs need tobe tested with an oscilloscope andonce an operation printout is generated, the technician will check for connection issues, magnet failure, winding failure, and 100% component testing. Servo motor repairs at Precision Electric are initially inspected for cosmetic damage and then they are meter tested before test running on a control panel. Most servo motor repairs have unique testing procedures dependent upon the manufacturer operations and prints, but the general process follows standard testprocedures.

It’s also necessary for Precision Electric to work closely with all servo motor manufacturers. Working closely with servo motor manufacturers allows Precision Electric access to technical data sheets that are neededto ensure that the the servo motor performs optimally prior to shipping the repaired unit back to customer.

Precision Electric standard servo motor repairs are subject to:

  • An inspection of all electrical and mechanical servo motor parts.
  • Re-magnetize magnets when necessary,
  • re-manufacture servo motor flange using the originalflange and factory dimensions
  • repair or rewind servo motor winding, insulation, connections, steam clean and bake
  • replace brush holder and brushes (or repair brush holder if obsolete)
  • test to confirm there are no grounded electrical parts in the servo motor.
  • all AC stators are surge tested to at least 1500 volts This ensures that the insulation and windings will withstand the loads put on the servo motor when running on a machine.
  • after the bakin g process, DC Servo motor armatures go through a bar to bar test. This test will show if there are any shorts or opens in the winding.
  • servo motor alignment
  • High-grade sealed bearings
  • Double lip seals in the front flange
  • Replace all new seals, O-rings, gaskets and connectors
  • Two part epoxy coating for an added protection

After servo motor repairs and preliminary testing are complete, the servo motor is reassembled for final testing. Servo motor repairs are not complete until after final testing procedure is performed. During the final test procedure, servo motors should be connected to an inverter drive with and without a load, to ensure functionality before returningto customer. Final testingalso allows verification that the servo motor can operate at full voltage and withstand full load amps of the motor specifications.

Servo motor repairs should only be performed by facilities that work closely with all servo motor manufacturers so that the newest servo drives are being used in conjunction with theircorresponding servo motors.Precision Electric recommends all manufacturers keep spare servo motors on crucial production lines. Keeping a spare can minimize downtime and prevent production losses while repair services are being processed. Servo motor repairsperformed by Precision Electric includes a 12 month in-service warranty. The Precision Electric in-service warranty begins the day the servo motor is put into production and ends 12 months later.

For pricing on servo motor repairs andservo motorreplacements, contact Precision Electric.


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