Lenze AC Tech SMVector

Lenze Americas’ most technically advanced variable frequency drive continues with Lenze – AC Tech’s tradition of innovative compact variable frequency drive design. Performance and and flexibility make the Lenze AC Tech SMVectoran attractive solution for a broad range of AC Motor applications and with several communications protocols available, networking drives and components into a system solution can be done now or in the future.


The Lenze AC Tech SMVector drive can be used in nearly any industrial application where speed feedback is not required. The AC Tech Lenze SMVector drive features volts/hertz (v/hz) technology as well as sensorless vector technology. The Lenze AC Tech SMVector drive can be used on conveyors, pumps, mixers, lathes, mills, food processing machinery, and many other applications in the industrial manufacturing world.

Enclosure Flexibility

The Lenze AC Tech SMVector is unique because of the enclosure availability. The Lenze AC Tech SMVector comes standard in a NEMA 1 (IP31) enclosure which is the most common and cost effective drive enclosure for a wide range of applications.

The Lenze AC Tech SMVectorcan be used with 3-phase AC induction motors and is available in NEMA 1 (IP31), NEMA 4X (IP65) for indoor and outdoor applications where waterproof enclosures are the common code. The Lenze AC Tech SMVector can also be configured with an integral disconnect switch. Filtered input versions of the Lenze AC Tech SMVector are available in NEMA 4X (IP65) models for compliance with the CE EMC directive.

Drive Features

Lenze AC Tech SMVector features programmable digital and analog I/O which allow the drive to be configured for many application specific tasks such as multiple preset speeds, electronic braking, motor jogging, and more. The Lenze AC Tech SMVector is similar to all other Lenze AC Tech sub-micro drives in that the Lenze AC Tech SMVector usesEPM memorytechnology for fast and efficient programming.

  • Power range: 0.37 to 22 kW
  • IP65 enclosure: Mount anywhere on the machine. Saves panel space, cabling & installation time
  • Wide speed range with up to 200% torque for highly dynamic motor response
  • Easy to use, simple push button controls for display & diagnostics
  • Digital and Analog I/O – Flexible and Configurable
  • EPM plug-in memory chip & programmer to copy parameters
  • Additional accessories: Remote external keypad, dynamic brake units, RFI filters for C2 and C1 categories to EN 61800-3
  • RoHS compliant

Where To Buy Or Send For Repair

Precision Electric has been working closely with Lenze Americas for nearly 20 years and has established a relationship with Lenze Americas like no other repair and distribution center. Call Precision Electric today for a free repair quote or free replacement quote for Lenze AC Tech SMVector variable frequency drives.




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