Precision Electric 2009 Variable Frequency Drive of the Year


It is no secret that the Lenze/AC Tech SMVector Series offers a wide array of functionality for an extremely competitive price. This year, Precision Electric has found it also to be the most reliable and handy drive for most applications. For this reason, the SMVector hasbeen designatedPrecision Electric’s 2009 online Product of the Year.

The SMVector Series drives are unique in that every product is standard with either a Nema 1, Nema 4, or Nema 4x enclosure. The competitive price margin and standardized Nema enclosed chassis, as well as being a Sensorless Vector drive are a few of the reasons this product linehas proven to beso successful. In fact, the SMVector series drive has been so successful that even the manufacturer has increased its’ product pricing and even with the price increasePrecision Electricstill maintains competitive pricing on all versions of Lenze/AC Tech’s SMVector drive.

The AC Tech/Lenze SMVectorproduct has been designed for diversified applications such as mills, lathes, grinders, mixers, and other applications where high starting torque and/or full torque at full RPM is present. The SMVector drive is available in multiple Horsepower ranging from 0.33HP up to 30HP in Nema 1 Chassis, 0.33HP up to 10HP in Nema 4, and Nema 4x enclosures. Within a few months AC Tech and the Lenze group have announced that the SMVector will also be available up to 15HP in Nema 4 and Nema 4X enclosures.