SMVector frequency inverter NEMA 4X (IP65) with Integral Disconnect









The most technically advanced inverter drive continutes Lenze AC Tech’s tradition of innovative compact drive design. The performance and flexibility make the SMV an attractive solution for a broad range of AC Motor applications and with several communications protocols available, networking drives and components into a system solution can be done now and in the future.

The SMVector with intregal Disconnect is available in a rugged in a Nema 4X (IP65) indoor enclosure ideal for many industries ideal for food / beverage, waste water, chemical metering and processing,pharmaceuticals and more. The intregal disconnect switch offers the ability to isolate the motor for maintenance and supervising. Also, the disconnect switch handle is lockable and is made of red and yellow materials for high visibility.

The power ranges for the SMVector in Nema 4X with Intregal Disconnect include:

120/240V 1PH input up to 1.5HP (1.1Kw)

200/240V 1 or 3PH input up to 3.0HP (2.2kW)

200/240V 3PH input up to 30HP (22kW)

400/480V 3PH input up to 30HP (22kW)

480/600V 3PH input up to 30HP (22kW)

The SMVector Series can be used with 3-phase AC induction motors and is available in NEMA 1 (IP31) , NEMA 4X (IP65) and NEMA 4X (IP65) with an integral disconnect switch. Filtered input versions of the SMV are available in NEMA 4X (IP65) models for compliance with the CE EMC directive.

Programmable digital and analog I/O allow the drive to be configured for many application specific tasks such as multiple preset speeds, electronic braking and motor jogging to name a few. Like all Lenze – AC Tech sub-micro drives, the SMVector uses EPM memory memory technology for fast and efficient programming.

Type 4X (IP65) enclosures are available for either indoor use, suitable for most indoor industrial environments; or indoor/outdoor use that offers UV protection and has higher impact strength at low temperatures.