Servo Motor Controller

A servo motor controller system is also known as a servo drive, servo amp, and a servo control system. A servo motor controller is an electronic device used to power and control a servo motor. A servo motor controller monitors and regulates the servo motor for precise speed regulation and positioning. Most manufacturers design servo motor controllers with a specific servo motor, so the servo motor cannot operate without the specific servo motor controller designed for said servo motor. Servo motor controller systems were designed as an alternative to AC and DC electric motors because industrial manufacturing facilities sought precise speed regulation and positioning in their industries, which AC and DC electric motors simply do not offer.Servo motor controller systems are mainly used in robotics, automation, and CNC applications.

What is a Servo Motor?

A servo motor is used for precise speed regulation in many different industrial manufacturing applications. Precise speed regulation is present in a servo motor by applying an encoder to the servo motor. The encoder on a servo motor provides speed feedback and positioning of the motor. The speed feedback and positioning loop generated by an encoder is designed to precisely control the exact position of the mechanics in a servo motor.

Servo Motor Controller Repair and Replacement

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