Eaton SVX VFDEatonsSVX9000VFD (variable frequency drive) is thecompact, modular solution to adjustable speed applications. The SVX9000 VFD enables a broad range of new application capabilities, and option cards allow the to configurethe VFD to meet any requirement. With its wide voltagerange, high overload ability, and user-friendly alphanumericalkeypad,SVX9000VFD Drivesare the smart decision forevery user.

There are just three screws that link thecontrol module to the powermodule on the SVX9000 VFD. SVX9000 VFD controlunits are interchangeable withinframe sizes while software,control panels, I/O andcommunication cards arecommon throughout the line.Separating the power andcontrol units provides installationadvantages and reduced spareparts requirements. Forconvenience, theSVX9000VFD isfield convertible from Type 1 toType 12 (frames 46). Itsreduced size equates to lesspanel space used and easyretrofits.

Even when the drive isunpowered, theSVX9000VFDcanbe programmed and tested.The control logic module can bepowered from an external +24Volts DC source so youre ready totrain, test and go live wheneverneeded. Whether you chooselocal or remote operations viathe keypad, simple copy/pastefunctions streamline processes.

TheSVX9000may be configuredwith several differentcommunication protocols,making it easy to communicatewith all commonly used controlsystems. The control unitspowerful microprocessor can beused for local control tasks,thereby freeing resources of thecontrol system for other controltasks. 9000XEngine, Eaton’sversatile block-programmingtool, eliminates the need for aPLC and significantly simplifiesthe control system.

SVX9000 VFD Programming Software

SVX90009000XLoad For SVX9000 VFD

9000XLoad is an easy-to-usetool for the SVX9000 VFD, to upload system,application and option cardsoftware intended for use byengineering, commissioning andservice personnel. 9000XLoad isalso suitable for loading customapplications to the SVX9000 VFD.

9000XDrive For SVX9000 VFD

9000XDrive is a software toolthat allows uploading anddownloading SVX9000 VFD parameters.Parameters can be changed,saved, and uploaded to anynumber of SVX9000 VFD drives.The tool has the ability to printparameters or save them to afile for future use and reference.Parameters can be compared todefault values to determine drivesetup. Operator functions includethe ability to set references,start and stop the drive, andto monitor signals and actualvalues. These values can bedisplayed via a graphic display.

9000XEngine For SVX9000 VFD

Create IEC 1131-3 compliantcustom applications with9000XEngine for the SVX9000 VFD. This graphicaldesign tool customizes thecontrol logic and parameters inthe SVX9000 VFD. Functional BlockDiagram (FBD), Ladder Diagram(LD) and Structured Text (ST)are all part of the functionset. 9000XEngine enables thecreation of parameters, faultmessages and other application relatedfeatures.

To learn more about the Eaton SVX9000 VFD, visit the Eaton Website or contact Precision Electric, Inc.



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