Variable Frequency Drive Manufacturers

Most variable frequency drive manufacturers located outside of the United States offer poor technical support. When choosing a variable frequency drive product, it is recommended to choose a manufacturer who offers a complete line of technical support for their products. Precision Electric has been servicing and supporting the industrial manufacturing world since 1983. Precision Electric aims to increase production time while minimizing manufacturing downtime. Precision Electric recommends their customers use variable frequency drive products manufactured by either ABB or Lenze Americas.

ABB Low Voltage Drives

Variable Frequency Drive ManufacturersABB low voltage AC and DC variable frequency drives are manufactured in the United States are used across all industries and applications. ABB variable frequency drives offer application specific functionality control for different types of motors as well as flexible connectivity to automation networks. ABB variable frequency drives, inverters and converters are proven and reliable solutions backed by global production and life cycle services.ABB variable frequency drives provide scalable motor control from standard to demanding applications for a wide range of industries, especially in the process industries such as pulp and paper, metals, mining, cement, power, chemical, oil and gas. ABB variable frequency drives are packed with advanced drive technology developed by ABB engineers and are capable of tackling even the most demanding requirements. A wide voltage and power range with various drive configurations and options enable one drive platform to be used for all needs.

Precision Electric offers retrofit solutions with the integration of ABB low voltage variable frequency drives. Precision Electric also offers ABB low voltage variable frequency drive distribution, technical telephone support, repair services and certified ABB start up solutions. The ABB Certified Start Up adds an extra year to any ABB drive product that is installed by qualified Precision Electric service technicians.

Lenze Americas Drive Products

Variable Frequency Drive ManufacturersLenze Americas variable frequency drives are manufactured and stocked in the United States. Lenze Americas variable frequency drives and automation technology is used in a wide variety of industries; including materials handling, packaging industry, robotics and automotive. Lenze Americas products are carefully coordinated and matched and can be combined as required to provide the right solution for production needs. Lenze Americas automation solutions with integrated software and system engineering and a global customer service make Lenze Americas a leader in their industry. Lenze Americas reliability combined with the quality of their products and services consequently increases the productivity of industrial manufacturing. Precision Electric has been working with Lenze Americas for over 25 years. Precision Electric has been offering retrofit solutions to industrial manufacturers with the integration of Lenze Americas variable frequency drive products. Precision Electric offers repair services, distribution, and technical support for Lenze Americas variable frequency drive products. Call Precision Electric today for free repair quotes or replacement quotes for ABB low voltage drive products and Lenze Americas drive products.