Lenze AC Tech SMVector Drive Acceleration Time Parameter

In this article I will discuss how to program the Lenze-AC Tech SMVector acceleration time parameter. The Lenze-AC Tech drive acceleration time parameter is very simple to change.

The Lenze AC Tech SMVector drive acceleration time parameter default is 20 seconds for the motor to reach full speed (rpm). For most applications, 20 seconds is not efficient. Most applications using the Lenze-AC Tech SMVector desire an acceleration time of about 4-5 seconds.

To change the Lenze-AC Tech SMVector acceleration time parameter you will first need press the “M” button on the drive keypad. Once you’ve pressed the “M” key, The “PASS” flashes on the screen for a couple seconds and is replaced with “0000”. Using the arrow keys this should be changed to the password. Default is “225”.

After you’ve entered the password into your Lenze-AC Tech SMVector drive you will need to press the “M” key again. Now the screen will say “P100” which means you can now change the acceleration time parameter on your Lenze-AC Tech SMVector drive.

Simply press the arrows on keypad until you come to “P104” which is the acceleration time parameter for the Lenze-AC Tech SMVector drive. Once you see “P104” on the drive screen, press the “M” key again. Now use the arrow keys until you’ve reached your desired acceleration time for your Lenze-AC Tech SMVector drive application.



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