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ABB SREA-01 moves from Classic Life Cycle to Limited Life Cycle

ABB SREA-01 moves to Limited Life CycleAs of November 17, 2017, the ABBSREA-01 has been moved into the Limited life cycle.As of November 17, 2017, the ABB SREA-01 will be moved into the Limited life cycle. The SREA-01 will follow the drive life cycle management model. No future enhancements or firmware changes will be made […]

Nema Enclosure Ratings and IEC Protection Codes

There are two widely used standards for enclosure ratings. Nema enclosure ratings were created as the national standard for enclosures in the United States. Nema enclosure ratings were established by NEMA (National Electric Manufacturer Association). The international standard for enclosures was established by IEC (International Electric Codes).Below are the standard Nema enclosure ratings for electrical […]

Nema Cabinet Ratings: Protecting a VFD from environmental conditions

Nema cabinet ratings are designed to protect electrical components from environment-specific threatening conditions. Nema cabinet ratings are made for a range of different environmental conditions. There are as many Nema cabinet ratings available as there are environmental conditions where equipment is installed.VFD manufacturers will usually offer variable frequency drive (VFD) products in several different Nema […]

Commissioning ABB ACS550 Drives – Basic Startup Guide

Commissioning ABB ACS550 drives with the attached guide and ACS550 user manual is suggested by ABB. The ABB ACS550 product line includes hardware that ranges from small wall mountdrives (1 Hp) through large floor mounted units (550 Hp). NEMA 1, NEMA 12, andNEMA 3R enclosure types are available. Both scalar and sensorless vector motorcontrol are […]

ABB Process Automation: New I/O Solution now available

ABB Process automation projects have employed controller-centric distributed control system (DCS) architectures for decades. This approach creates dependencies between project tasks that complicate late changes. ABBs new I/O solution will make late and over budget ABB process automation projects a thing of the past.For many years, controller-centric DCS architectures have been used in process automation […]

Difference between Eaton SVX9000 and SPX9000 adjustable speed drives

The difference between Eaton SVX9000 and SPX9000? Many Eaton customers call or email asking “what is the difference between Eaton SVX9000 and SPX9000?” There is only a small difference between the two drives other than a letter and the price. The difference between Eaton SVX9000 and SPX9000 is that the SPX9000 is used for applications […]

ABB ACS850 Reaches End of Lifecycle – Now replaced with ACS880

ABB ACS850 drives have reached the end of their lifecycle. ABB is offering a last time buy option on the ABB ACS850 before they transition over to Classic products. The last time buy option for frames A D is October 20, 2017. ABBACS850 drives will make the transition from ACTIVE products to CLASSIC products on […]

Lenze M850 Servo Motors: U.S. manufacturer releases new servo product

Lenze M850 servo motors are now available!Last week the US-Based, Global manufacturer, Lenze, announced the release of the new Lenze M850 servo motors. This product has moderately dynamic responsiveness in the upper power range. The Lenze M850 servo motors run efficiently, are compact, and easy to control. They are especially suitable for positioning tasks that […]

Cutler Hammer SVX9000 – An Overview Of Eaton’s General Purpose Drive

Cutler Hammer SVX9000 adjustable frequency drives are the compact, modular solution to variable speed applications. They enable a broad range of new application capabilities. A complete selection of option cards allows you to configure the drive to meet any requirement. With its wide voltage range, high overload ability, and user-friendly alphanumerical keypad, Cutler Hammer SVX9000 […]