ABB Low Voltage Drives

ABB low voltage alternating current driveproducts range from 0.18 to 5600 kW whichis the widest selection available from any other drive manufacturer. ABB low voltage drives establish the global benchmark signifying reliability, simplicity, exibility and ingenuity throughout the entire lifecycle of the drive.

Application Diversity

ABB Low Voltage DrivesABB general purpose drives are designed to control a wide range of applications such as fans, pumps, mixers, conveyors as well as process control in industries including food and beverage, material handling, chemical, rubber and plastics, textile and printing. ABB general purpose drives are easy to select, install, configure and use. ABB general purpose drives save users time by standardizing most drive features to be built-in.

ABB micro drives include models ACS55 and ACS150. ABB micro drives are very easy to install and set up. ABB micro drives provide flexible mounting alternatives and straightforward configuration for many basic applications. Each drive is tested before it leaves the factory providing high machineavailability. ABB local customer and technical support is available no matter where ABB micro drives are delivered and installed.

ABB machinery drives include models ACS355 and ACS850. ABB machinery drives are designed to meet the production and performance needs of machine builders, system integration specialists, panel builders and end users in a broad range of applications. ABB machinery drives can be flexibly programmed to meet the demands of different machine solutions. A wide range of features and options provide optimal solutions.

ABB ACS800 series drives are designed for fast, cost-effective installation and integration into a customers owncabinet. Modules enable OEMs, system integrators and panel builders to build their own drive while maximizing benefits fromABB drives technology such as DTC motor control, adaptive programming and a wide range of built-in and external options. ABB provides detailed cabinet installation instructions and other support material to help customers buildtheir own solutions.

ABB Low Voltage DrivesABB ACS800 single drives are complete alternating current drives and can be installed without any additional cabinet or enclosure. ABB single drive modules configuration contains a rectifier, optional EMC filter, reactor, DC link and an inverter in one single AC drive unit. ABB single drives are available as wall-mounted, free-standing and cabinet-built constructions. The key features of ABB single drivesare programmability and configurability during both ordering and commissioning, which makes adaptation to different applications easy.ABBs ACS800 cabinet-built single drives are drives that aremounted into a cabinet and the complete assembly isoffered and delivered as one package. Often the cabinetwill include additional accessories such as contactorsand earth fault protection units. Cabinet drives aretypically made-to-order products.

ABBs ACS800 multi-drives are built from ABB industrial drive modules connected to a common DC bus. This enables a singlepower entry and common braking resources for several drives.This construction simplifies the total installation and results in many benefits including savings in cabling, reducedinstallation and maintenance costs, reduced line currents and more.

ABB low voltage drives cover a wide power and voltage range, including voltages up to 690 Voltand powers up to 5600 kW. At the core of the drives is the direct torque control (DTC), ABBs premiummotor control technology that enables highly accurate open and closed loop control. The drives aredesigned for industrial applications such as those found in pulp and paper, metals, mining, cement, power,chemical, oil and gas, water and wastewater, and food and beverage.




Aegis Bearing Protection Ring

Aegis Bearing Protection RingVariable frequency drives that control AC and DC motors induce harmful electricalvoltages on the corresponding electric motorshaft. Once these voltages exceed the resistance of the bearing lubricant, they discharge through the motors bearings causing fusion craters, severe pitting, fluting damage, excessive bearing noise and eventually bearing failure.Damaging voltages that are induced on the shafts of AC and DC electric motors controlled by variable frequency drives are called VFD induced shaft voltages. The consistent switching of speeds in an electric motor via the variable frequency drive is generated by the insulated gate bipolar transistors and induces damaging voltages ontothe electric motor shaft through parasitic capacitor coupling. This occurs between the electric motors stator and rotor.

This common mode shaft voltage seeks a path to ground through the motors bearings.In addition to potential bearing failures in motors from VFD induced EDM currents, AC and DC motors above 100 hp (75 kW) may also experience bearing failures caused by high frequency circulating currents. VFD induced high frequency circulating currents are in the kilohertz or even megahertz range and circulate through the motors bearings because of magnetic flux imbalances in the stator. This type of VFD induced current becomes the more dominant destructive current in higher hp/kW motors.Any motor controlled by a variable frequency drive (VFD) requires bearing protection. Motors of 100 hp down to fractional hp motors will experience bearing failures when operated on a PWM drive. AEGISSGR Bearing Protection Ring guarantees that bearings will not fail in these motors from fluting damage for the service life of the motor.

Aegis Bearing Protection RingAEGISSGR Bearing Protection Ringcurrent handling capability: AEGISSGR is rated to discharge high frequency current. Variable frequency drives (VFD) induce high frequencyEDM currents of up to 2 amps in 50 billionths of a second. AEGISSGR protects the bearing by safely channeling the energy away from the motor bearings to ground.
AEGISBearing Protection Ring – the most reliable bearing protection: Production up-time and reliability improve when AEGISSGR is installed. The patented ring of hundreds of thousands of conductive micro fibers provide
protection for the service life of the motor. The fibers will always surround the shaft with a conductive path for destructive shaft currents while the motor is running.Vertical Motors: Insulate top bearing or shaft with non conductive coating. For bottom bearing, coat shaft with Colloidal Silver Shaft Coating and install AEGISBearing Protection Ring.