Yaskawa P7 VFD

Yaskawa P7 VFDThe Yaskawa P7 VFD is for industrial applications such as centrifugal fans andpumps. The Yaskawa P7 VFD is provided in NormalDuty ratings with 110% overload capability. V/f control mode, networkcommunication options, and an array of input/output options areavailable.The P7 VFD is factory-programmed and ready to run. For operationalsimplicity and clarity, the LCD operator display has 5 lines x 16characters. It can be set to any of 6 languages. The keypad is intuitiveand includes parameter copying to move a chosen set of parameters from one drive to another.The Yaskawa P7 VFD comes in power ratings of 208/240 and 480 volt ratings with built-in buschoke above 30 HP, common bus capability, and other energy savingsoptions.

The Yaskawa P7 VFD supports the industrys open architecture, open connectivitydemands with network communications choices such as DeviceNet, Profibus-DP, and others. Drive coordination withother equipment is simplified with inputs and outputs for 4 to 20 mA, 0-10V, and an assortment of programmable contacts.With an optional phase-shifting input transformer, the P7 dual-diodebridge can be operated in 12-pulse rectification mode, reducing inputcurrent harmonic distortion factor by over 90%. With lower EMI/RFIemission and lower total harmonic distortion contribution, the P7 meetsor exceeds the generally accepted power quality standards. Inherentmotor protection features resulting from low noise/low carriertechnology provides for longer lead lengths without additional motorprotection devices.The optional P7/Bypass package is a 3-contactor style bypass, allowingmotor operation from the drive or across the line. This facilitates drivemaintenance while the motor continues to operate.The P7 has been designed to provide the features and optionscommonly needed for fan and pump applications.

P7 18-Pulse Drive 25-500 Horsepower

Yaskawa P7 VFDThe Yaskawa P7 18-Pulse VFD is a variable torque rated AC drive, designedspecifically for applications that require low total harmonic distortion at the drive input terminals and to meet the requirements ofIEEE-519 (special applications) at the point of common coupling.The YaskawaP7 VFD includes numerous built-in features such as NetworkCommunications, PI, and energy-savings functions.The P7 18 Pulse Drive Design limits the total harmonic distortioni at the Drive InputTerminals to less than 8% Current Distortion and less than 3% VoltageDistortion.The Yaskawa P7 VFD meets or exceeds generally acceptedpower quality standards with lower EMI/RFI emission and lower total harmonicdistortion contribution. Inherent motor protection features resultingfrom low noise/low carrier technology provide for longer lead lengthswithout additional motor protection devices.

An enhanced sleep function provides significant energy savings byminimizing operating hours. Under-torque detection, alerts the operatorto conditions such as loss of load or broken belts.Energy savings control is an automatic output voltage adjustment inresponse to actual motor load. Real-time energy savings is based onmotor algorithms. Motor efficiency is increased by several percent.Built-in kW-hour and kW display eliminates the need for external signalconditioner for energy monitoring.The standard enclosure is NEMA 1. NEMA 12 and 3R are optional.The optional Bypass package is 3-contactor style bypass, allowingmotor operation from the drive or across the line. This facilitates drivemaintenance while the motor continues to operate. The Yaskawa P7 18-Pulse VFD with Bypass has been designed for flexibility in providing the featuresand options commonly demanded by facility designers.

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Yaskawa V1000 Drive

Yaskawa V1000 DriveThe Yaskawa V1000 drive is a high performance line of AC micro drives with low motor noise and high starting torque. It provides two control methods; V/f and open loop current vector control for precise speed regulation and higher torque at lower speeds. The Yaskawa V1000 drive is intended for either heavy duty applications (overload rating of 150% for 60seconds) or normal duty applications (overload rating of 120% for 60 seconds). The Yaskawa V1000 drive is solution where high performance in a small application size is required.

The Yaskawa V1000 drive is a world-class compact current vector drive that defines a new world standard. Demands for efficient production and better maintainability are on the rise, spurred by global competition. Yaskawa pays off the promise of being in control with products that make businesses move. The optimum balance of energy input, product output, maintenance risk, and long life is reached with Yaskawa.The standard Yaskawa V1000 drive can accept CASE custom software to add functionality to the drive by reconfiguring drive defaults, establishing presets for OEM equipment, and by eliminating peripheral controls and PLCs. Plug-in interface option boards enable the Yaskawa V1000 drive to communicate with all the major industrial networks.

Washdown and Dust-Tight Applications

Yaskawa V1000 DriveThe Yaskawa V1000-4X drive is a version of the standard V1000 in an integral enclosure that meets NEMA type 4X/12 indoor use requirements, UL type 4X/12 standards, and the IP66 rating of IEC 529. The Yaskawa V1000-4X drive’s enclosure provides the protection required in tough washdown or dust-tight environments, common in Food and Beverage Processing, Packaging, Metal Machining, Woodworking, Pumping, Refrigeration, and Printing. The enclosure is coated to protect against the harmful effects of sanitizing chemicals commonly used in food industries.

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Yaskawa G7 Drive

Yaskawa G7 DriveThe Yaskawa G7 drive is the ultimate performancesolution with increased speed and torque response to provide servo-likeperformance from an induction motor. The Yaskawa G7 drive has theworlds first 480V 3-level inverter architecture that eliminates orminimizes the installation problems associated with IGBT switching andprotects the entire motor-drive system.The 3-levelcontrol eliminates peripheral components typically required to solve installationproblems such as long motor cable leads, motor bearing life, audible noise, andcommon mode noise. The Yaskawa G7 drive performance makes it the ideal drive for high performancespeed, torque, or position control applications.The Yaskawa G7 drive is the total solution for the unconventional, extreme performanceapplications. With high-end response for speed and torque loops, the G7provides servo-like performance for superior motor control.

The Yaskawa G7 drive allows motor operation at very long cablelengths, meeting NEMA MG1 Part 31, with peak voltage being 30% lessthan conventional drives. With motor bearing current being typically50% less than standard drives, the G7 provides four times the motorbearing life.The Yaskawa G7 drive has three auto tuning methods to optimize motor control,including the new static auto tuning which does not require loaddecoupling nor motor rotation.The LCD operator displays 5 lines x 16 characters, in any of 7languages. The Yaskawa G7 keypad is intuitive and includes memory for parametersettings, making it easy to transfer settings from one drive to another.The YaskawaG7 / Configured packageprovides a G7 drive in either a NEMA 12, UL Type 1 (IP22 or IP54 depending on the exact rating) enclosure, with space for factory-mounted and wired options, such as reactors, filters, circuit breakers, fuses, network communications and I/O cards.

Programming and Software

Yaskawa G7 DriveThe Yaskawa G7 drive uses Drive Wizard software forthe PC and is available at no charge for upload, download, archiving,trending, and graphing.The Yaskawa G7 drive has a large programming feature set to handlesophisticated industrial applications. If the standard feature set does notmeet your specific requirement, the G7 can be programmed usingDriveWorksEZ.

This is a PC-based, object-oriented, graphical iconprogramming tool that is friendly to the user. The drive firmware canalso be modified by custom or pre-written application-specific modulessuch as Motion Control or Electronic Lineshaft.The G7 drive supports the industry’s preference for open networkarchitecture and connectivity with network choices such as EtherNet/IP,Modbus TCP/IP, Profibus-DP, DeviceNet, and others.The Yaskawa G7 is not intended for the simple, routine AC drive application, it isfor the challenges. The G7 drive offers the ultimate performance, thebest system protection, and the most flexible configurations of any driveavailable. To learn more about the Yaskawa G7 drive or to download technical documentation for the G7, visit the Yaskawa Website.


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Yaskawa A1000 VFD

Yaskawa A1000 VFDThe Yaskawa A1000 VFD is a multi-purpose drive in power ratings through 1000 horsepower and provides Yaskawas highest level of vector performance including precise speed controlof both induction and permanent magnet motors. The Yaskawa A1000 VFD is factory-programmed and ready torun. An LCD interface enhances ease of use with itsmultiple language support and parameter copy feature thatallows duplication of settings between drives. In addition,a portable USB Copy Unit providesa very convenient method of desktop configurationtransportable to the factory floor.

The Yaskawa A1000 VFD is a full featured drive, providing outstanding quality,performance, flexibility, and environmental friendliness. The Yaskawa A1000 VFD featuresnetwork communications, feedback, and expandableI/O to control anything from simple fans and pumps to complexmachines. For new installations or retrofits, the Yaskawa A1000 VFD provides asingle robust solution, regardless of the application.The YaskawaA1000 VFD Configured packageprovides an A1000 drive in a NEMA 1 (UL Type 1) or NEMA 12 (UL Type 12) enclosure, with space for factory-mounted and wired options, such as reactors, filters, circuit breakers, fuses, network communications and I/O cards.

A1000 Programming Software

Yaskawa A1000 VFDThe marketplace is moving towards flexible drive software that allows the user to adapt their drive to machines/processes in a timely and cost effective manner. DriveWorksEZ adds programmable drivefunctions that can tailor the Yaskawa A1000VFD to the machine without the help of external controllers such as a PLC. This provides theuser with easy access to the power of the YaskawaA1000 VFD through an icon-based, graphical programming environment.DriveWorksEZ is a software system that provides the means to create custom drive functionalityinside the Yaskawa A1000 VFD. The system is composed of dedicated Yaskawa A1000 VFDsoftware and a PC tool for creating and downloading function-block based application programs. Simply create application programs by arranging function block icons in a visual flow chart. Total drive and machine control are only a few mouse clicks away. User-friendly program monitoring is included for fast, easy start-up and troubleshooting.DriveWorksEZ provides function on demand, allowing the customer to customize and adapt the YaskawaA1000 VFD to their machine needs in a fast and intuitive manner.

DriveWorksEZ offers a variety of communication options. This makes it an ideal choice for most machine designs. Network interface options including DeviceNet, Profibus-DP, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP/IP, MECHATROLINK-II, and others allow the Yaskawa A1000 VFD with DriveWorksEZ to be a powerful node on the factory network. DriveWorksEZ offers distributed, high-speed control that can off-load PLC processing and improve machine performance.The Yaskawa A1000 VFD with DriveWorksEZ can independently provide a complete machine solution for many applications, eliminating the need for PLCs or other controllers. This means reduced cost, design simplicity, and one-source responsibility. To learn more about the Yaskawa A1000 VFD, please visit the Yaskawa Website.

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