ABB Drive Browser

ABB Drive Browser Software

ABB Drive Browser is an Ethernet network based drive monitoring and tuning PC tool that supports low voltage machinery, general purpose, and industrial drives throughout their life cycle. ABB Drive Browserhelps users monitor, maintain and set drive parameters on drives connected to an Ethernet network.

ABB Drives using an Ethernet adapter can share the same network where PLCs using Modbus/TCP or EtherNet/ IP protocols are connected. This allows users to take advantage of installed networks and reduces additional cabling and infrastructure communication costs. ABB Drive Browser includes a parameter browser allowing users to view and set individual parameter values. Parameter sets that have been saved can be used to commission new drives. Additionally, users can compare parameter sets to quickly identify changes over time or changes in configurations. Drive signals are also displayed in the parameter browser. The monitor functionality enables users to graphically view signals and parameters while the drive is running. Users select the parameters and signals and set the graphs minimum and maximum values. The resulting display shows each selected value on a graph while the drive is operating. This data can be used to tune the drive for improved performance. The collected data can be saved to a file. The ABB drive status window displays the drives current status, showing the drive’s control mode, operation status, output frequency, current, power, speed, and the drive state. Once the installed drives are connected to the network using a fieldbus adapter, users may assign meaningful names to each connected drive and identify drives by type. ABB Drive Browser provides a built-in drive control panel allowing users to reset faults, start, stop, set the direction, and speed reference values of the connected drive. This functionality may be disabled if the controlling PLC does not allow it for networks that are controlled by a PLC.

To learn more about ABB Drive Browser or other ABB drive software, visit the ABB Website. For ABB drive repair and replacement quotes, contact Precision Electric.