Allen Bradley Servo Motor Repair: an Asset For Manufacturers

Allen Bradley Servo Motor Repair: an Asset for Manufacturers

Allen Bradley servo motor repair is less expensive than Allen Bradley servo motor replacement. Only Trained technicians should perform Allen Bradley servo motor repair. Technicians undergo unique testing procedures on Allen Bradley servo motors that are dependent upon their model, features, operations, software, and prints. Allen Bradley servo motor repair should initially be inspected for cosmetic damage. Taking photos of the servo motor prior to further processing is suggested. Allen Bradley servo motor repair requires unique software that allows a technician the ability to communicate with the Allen Bradley hardware.

Servo Motor nameplate data and preventative maintenance info should be collected by the repair technician and safely stored for future reference. Once these initial steps are complete, the servo motor should be meter tested before test running on a control panel; Meter testing prevents further damage to parts, winding, and insulation. The servo motor should then beconnected to a test stand to check EMF (electromagnetic frequency), encoder or resolver feedback, and commutation alignment; These standard tests are to ensure functionality oncethe motor is installed forproduction. Servo motors also need to be tested with an oscilloscope to create an operation print. Once an operation printout is generated, a technicianwill check for connection issues, magnet failure, winding failure, and perform a 100% component test.

Once the trained technician finishes making all repairs, he or she will reassemble the servo motor for final testing. During the final test, the servo motor is connected to a compatible servo drive that is powered from a test panel. This should be done for approximately thirty minutes with and thirty minutes without, a full load. The technician will measure start up current draw and full load current draw, with and without a load, throughout the final test run. The technician will also perform speed and vibration tests to ensure the servo motor is operating at the manufacturer specifications. Running the servo motor on a compatible servo drivealso ensures complete functionality. Testing the servo motor with a compatible servo drive also allows verification that the servo motor can operate at full voltage and withstand full load amps of motor specifications. If the servo motor tests good and still does not run at peak performance when installed in production, other underlying problems are communicated to the customer and further investigation is necessary.

Repair shops should work closely with all servo motor manufacturers. Working closely with servo motor manufacturers allows for access to servo motor data sheets. Repair technicians use data sheets to ensure that the servo motor performs equal to, orbetter than, the original manufacturer standards.Most repair shops offering Allen Bradley servo motor repair do not even perform the repair in their facility. Instead, these repair shops outsource the repair to a third party such as Precision Electric. Using a third party repair shop is risky, more expensive, and has a longer lead time than going directly to the repair source.Allen Bradley servo motor repair from Precision Electric includes a 12 month in-service warranty; The in-service warranty encourages customers to repair all failed equipment so the equipment is ready for install whenever spare equipment fails while in service.

To learn more about Allen Bradley servo motors, visit the Allen Bradley Website. For Allen Bradley servo motor repair and replacement quotes, contactPrecision Electric.

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