ACS380 ABB VFD: ABB announces their newest Machinery Drive

ACS380 ABB VFD: ABB announces their Newest Machinery Drive

The ACS380 ABB VFD was recently released and is available in most power ratings through 10 hp. Exact ratings that are now available and future release dates of the ACS380 are listed at the bottom of this page. The ACS380 ABB VFD is a machinery drive and is the newest product addition to the machinery drive family of ABB low voltage drives. The ACS380 machinery drive is ideal for machine builders looking to integrate a VFD without incurring significant cost. The ACS380 ABB VFD is also ideal for end users wanting to increase productivity without sacrificing performance. The ACS380 is part of ABBs all-compatible drives portfolio designed to offer a technically compatible drive, an all-compatible solution for people, process, business and environmental goals. With pre-configured drive variants, adaptive programming and an icon-based user interface, the ACS380 ABB VFD is simple to integrate into any system.

The compact ACS380 drive is ideal for machine building that requires motor technologies with powers from 0.25 to 7.5 kW and voltages from 200 to 480 V. With enclosure class IP20 as standard, these modular drives easily integrate into machines and automation systems within industries such as food and beverage, material handling, and plastics. The ACS380 ABB VFD offers universal dimensions that simplify the process of wiring into cabinet installations; For typical constant torque applications like mixers, extruders, conveyors, and palletizers.

The standard variant of the ACS380 comes with extensive I/O and built-in Modbus RTU protocol. The drive offers a built-in icon based interface that makes commissioning and adjusting the drive fast and easy. Optional control panels include the basic control panel and the assistant control panel with and without Bluetooth. Adaptive programming provides additional flexibility for different machine requirements, meeting the demands of exact machine design. The ACS380 ABB VFD is designed for optimal cooling with thermal management up to 50 C ambient temperatures, without having to de-rate. Additional features include: integrated safety (STO) is built-in as standard for safety sensitive applications. An EMC C2 filter and built-in brake chopper are standard to save space and installation time. The ACS380 ABB VFD uses a common architecture for a smooth transition to other ABB drives, including the ABB ACS880.

A fieldbus enables communication between drives and PLC systems, I/O devices and the process. Fieldbus communication reduces wiring costs when compared with traditional hard wired input/ output connections. Fieldbus systems also offer the ability to gather large amounts of data which can then be utilized for improving the performance or safety of the machine. The ACS380 ABB VFD is a configured variant and is compatible with a wide range of fieldbus protocols. Fieldbus modules preconfigure drive parameter settings at power-up to allow programming directly from the PLC. The optional fieldbus adapter can be easily be mounted on the drive. The ACS380 standard variant comes with built-in Modbus RTU protocol.

Almost anyone can set up and commission the ACS380 ABB VFD using the integrated control panel or one of the available assistant control panels – AP-I, AP-S, AP-W, or BP-S. The ACS380 includes the integrated icon based control panel as standard. You do not need to know any drive parameters as the control panel helps you to set up the essential settings quickly and get the drive into action.

Now available:

Late 2017:

  • 1~230 V, expand to 5 HP
  • 3~230 V, 1/2 to 15 HP
  • 3~380 to 480 V, expand to 30 HP

Future Releases – in early development (planned 2018)

  • 1~115 V, 1/4 to 1.5 HP
  • 3~600 V, 1 to 30 HP

For additional product info or product documentation on the ACS380 ABB VFD, visit the ABB Website. For ACS380 ABB VFD quote requests or availability requests, contact Precision Electric.