Commissioning ABB ACS550 Drives – Basic Startup Guide

Commissioning ABB ACS550 drives with the attached guide and ACS550 user manual is suggested by ABB. The ABB ACS550 product line includes hardware that ranges from small wall mountdrives (1 Hp) through large floor mounted units (550 Hp). NEMA 1, NEMA 12, andNEMA 3R enclosure types are available. Both scalar and sensorless vector motorcontrol are supported.

The drive can run either as a speed regulator or as a torqueregulator. The drive comes standard with 8 selectable macros.The drive includes standard hardware support for Modbus RTU communication. Inaddition, support for 6 other standard field buses are optionally available.The attached guide for commissioning ABB ACS550 drives will show two basic startup configurations.

  • ABBStandard macro with scalar motor control.
  • PID Controlmacro with sensorless speed vector control.

Implementation of communication is optional. This document provides setupinformation for both hardwired control and fieldbus control. Only genericcommunication setup information is provided in the attached guide for commissioning ABB ACS550 Drives.

For more information on the ABB ACS550 or for additional documentation, visit the ABB Website. Call Precision Electric for ABB ACS550 Repair and Replacement Quotes.